Web Marketing & Your Business

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Web Marketing & Your Business

Who we are & What we do

We are an internet marketing agency founded upon the philosophy

of providing high value business consulting and web marketing services which

Return On Investment
to our clients.

We accomplish this by doing the following:

Taking the time to understand your business.

Performing market research both of your industry and your locality.

Broad and thorough research of your present positioning on the web.

Learning from you your businesses short, medium and long term goals.

Working with your business to cultivate an integrated and customized
plan of action.

How does web marketing work? I’m not a

geek, I don’t have time to study this stuff!

Many companies in the field of web marketing operate much like witch doctors

did in the past

they ask you to go with them on ‘faith’ and your left ‘hoping’ you

get results. It can be seen that sometimes you do get results this way, sometimes

you don’t but either way the results are

when its your money and your

business riding on this
a sure thing is always better than a bet.

Fortunately we don’t operate this way, we don’t ask you to have faith in our

We are a research driven company
and at every step of the process of

dealing with us our
consultants will guide you through the research
we have conducted.


Our process begins by talking to one of our consultants

who will discuss the overall marketing of your business

with you, initiatives your business is taking, services

your business sells, products it sells

to formulate a

comprehensive understanding of your company.

Next we will generate a visibility report (a general evaluation) of your website.

general evaluation
will highlight key areas of importance such as:

What keywords your competitors are being found with on search engines

What keywords you are being found with on search engines

What SEM (Search Engine Marketing) competitors are running

Directory listing visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Business review analysis

Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) rankings

What’s Next?

After reviewing the visibility report with you and

taking the time to understand your business we

can begin to discuss options.

Options which exist include the following:

Local Search Engine Optimization

National Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Campaigns

Web Site Creation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Mobile Website Creation

Google/Yahoo/Bing business directory creation

What option is right for me?

You have almost certainly heard of the terms SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media,

Web Design, eCommerce and many other terms

but what is there relevance?

These are all terms used to describe a veritable disneyland of interconnected

technologies which are only as beneficial as their application.

A good analogy is a spice rack, almost everyone has one in their home but what

good would a spice rack be if the cook simply threw all the spices together carelessly?

Would the food be seasoned?

Would you want to eat it?

This analogy rings true for web marketing in a very real way because the options we

will consult with you upon are the product of due diligent research backed up by

industry leading consultants of a company that has the resources to do the job right.

The proof? We don’t ask you to trust us, we don’t ask you to have faith, we are here to

simply advise you upon what to do and then show you the validity of that advice through

research which you can independently verify with any of our competitors

and we will even

recommend our toughest.

Detailed Analysis Time

After we have analyzed your website, your business, performed a visibility

analysis, understand you needs and prescribed a solution it is time for a

detailed analysis.

A detailed analysis is merely an analysis of your website and your online

marketing at a much deeper level. This will be coupled along with the proposal

from us and together they will formulate our offering.

That simple!