{the gift registry for honeymoons}

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{the gift registry for honeymoons}

A Honeymoon Registry is a Wedding Gift
Registry Experience for Honeymoons and
Destination Weddings.

Instead of buying pots or pans, toasters or
towels, wedding guests purchase all or
portions of the wedding couples
honeymoon experience.

Our online Wedding Registry allows brides
and grooms to list anything they want to do
on their honeymoon

even portions of their

Once they book their honeymoon
travel, they go to HoneymoonWishes.com
and create their own Bridal Registry and
Wedding Website.

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Honeymoon Registry

We are #1 honeymoon registry provider in the world

HoneymoonWishes.com has provided over 100,000 Brides & Grooms

the most trusted, state
art Honeymoon Registry available.

#1 on Google for Honeymoon Registry

Higher than Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, and

Dillards on Bridal Registry and Wedding Registry key words.

The top Travel Suppliers use HoneymoonWishes.com.

Trafalgar Tours

Carnival Cruise Lines

Couples Resorts

Secrets Resorts

Contiki Holiday

Insight Vacations

Palace Resorts


Club Med

We’ve recently launched AnniversaryWishes.com and a new “Travel Gift Registry” for
general travel including family reunions, birthdays and graduations.


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Our White Label Website Service

All Honeymoon Registry visitors can go directly to
your Travel site which increases your revenues
from initial and future bookings

You make 20% commissions from the service
fees that we collect.

Your Private Label site will have a button on the
home page that links right back to your travel
booking site. All the wedding guests will be
exposed to your travel booking site when they
come to visit the wedding couples registry,
wedding website, photo album or blog! This is the
perfect way to market your agency to the guests of
the wedding.

Provide them with an additional service and build
client loyalty. Don’t forget about the couples future
Anniversary trips and family vacations!

Benefits to Your Business

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traffic to your website using
the Honeymoon Registry.

Have supplier content instantly on your
registry without linking out to their websites.

Viral Marketing

through our Social
Media Tools provided to brides on our
Wedding Dashboard. Guests will visit Your
Honeymoon Registry for their Wedding
Website, Photo Gallery and Blog.

Improve your Organic Search Engine
Optimization as it will index well with search
engines independent of your own website.
HoneymoonWishes.com is #1 on Google
for Honeymoon Registry and a page rank 6.

Benefits to Your Business

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Our White Label Programs for the world’s top Travel Brands

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Lots of Extra Money To Spend. Couples have an extra $2,500.00 to spend on their honeymoon
booking or on property amenities.

Couples can take a longer, more luxurious Honeymoon.

It’s a huge time saver. Couples have everything organized in one online account,

no envelopes to handle, no accounting to do.

They get a Free Wedding & Social Media Website, Photo Gallery, and Blog.

Free Save the Date and Email Announcements to announce their registry.

No Check Cashing. Couples don’t have to worry about rushing out to cash checks right before
they leave for their honeymoon.

It’s Good Etiquette. It’s much more personal than “no gifts please, just send us cash.”

And, it allows couples to plan ahead and pre
book their activities or upgrades.

Couples receive 34% more if the giver can use a credit card rather than just giving cash!

Benefits to Wedding Couples

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For example
, rather than giving a set of
crystal stemware, guests could give
the couple an “Upgrade to a Suite” or
a “Couples Massage.” By using and
promoting your own Honeymoon
Registry, the couple receives an
average of $2500.00 in gift money to
spend on their honeymoon.

Benefits to Wedding Guests

honeymoon wishes |

Takes the guesswork out
of buying gifts for the
Wedding Couple

Guests don’t have to drive
to the Store

It’s Convenient and Fun!

No Sales Tax

No Gift Wrapping

Guests can print out a Gift
Card to hand to the
wedding couple

Guests can give money
yet keep it personal

Benefits to Wedding Guests

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Wedding Couples sign up via a Honeymoon Registry Link or Banner from your
website home page. note: completely separate from a property booking.


Couples choose from a list of Registry Items and Photos that are specific for
their destination.


Couples download Announcement Cards and send them via Bridal Shower
and Wedding Invitations.


Friends and Family receive an Announcement Card and log on to the
Wedding Website, view the Honeymoon Registry and make a Gift Purchase
from the Registry.


HoneymoonWishes.com processes the credit card and funds are sent to the
Wedding Couple (any time as many times as they’d like), which gives them
more money to spend on travel.

How it Works

honeymoon wishes |

How it Works

honeymoon wishes |


There is no set up fee to use the registry. There is a 10% processing fee on the
transaction (7% service fee and 3% credit card fee)

this covers all Account
Management, Order Processing, Wedding Website, and Gift Cards.


We are the only Honeymoon Registry where the couple can choose to take the
service charge out of the gift amount they receive or add it to the gift amount at
the time of purchase.


$100.00 gift =
$107.00 if guest pays fee

Or a $100.00 gift = $93.00 if couple pays fee

A full wedding website.

Couples can post details about their
wedding, receptions, directions to the
venue, their “story” etc. We also
provide Social Media Tools that drive
Viral Marketing.

Honeymoon Registry Features

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Honeymoon Registry Features

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We are the #1 Honeymoon Registry Provider in the world serving over
180,000 Travel Agents and affiliates.

Our sole focus is to provide you the best, state
art registry
service available.
We are not travel agents with a registry service
on the side.

We are the only registry provider who can send the moneys from the
registry directly to the property for the couples onsite spending.

We provide a state
art gift registry and complete social media
service for your website.

We are the only International Registry with offices in the US, Canada
and Europe to assist international travelers.

Why Choose Honeymoon Wishes as your Registry Provider?

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Honeymoon Registry Program

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White Label Honeymoon Registry for an
Individual Agency or Agent

A one time fee

no other costs ever!

Your own name and logo on your own
honeymoon registry.

**For a Host Agency or Consortia, we will develop a custom program depending on
your size and needs. Please contact us to go over the details.

We’d like to partner to Grow Your Weddings & Honeymoon Business!

Select Your Package and we’ll send you over the appropriate form.

(or download “Private Label Order Form” from

Send us your logo or header.

A link for your White Label will be delivered. It’s easy!

For more information:



: 0158.279.2260

Europe and Asia:

+44 158.279.2260


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