Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marking (SEM)

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2012 INSite Business Solutions

Search Engine Optimization
and Search Engine Marking


Keyword Strategy

This is where you start with your SEO. Think of how a customer might search. What terms
would they use? You need to put your website in front of the right people; otherwise, you will
not convert anyone into a customer. The keyword plan identifies 20
30 top

keywords for your
audience and includes research on competition, number of monthly searches, and a strategy to
use the keywords.
Fee: $150

Content Strategy

Ever wonder how your competitors have better search engine rankings than you?
It’s likely that
continuously optimize their websites with content. Web crawlers for the major search
engines will visit website

periodically and look for new content to index.
In g
, the more
pages found on your site by search engines, the bett

chance your site will be found via search
We will identify new content opportunities and create a Content Strategy that is both user
friendly and search
engine friendly.
Package i
ncludes editorial calendar and 4 unique, search
optimized blog posts per
month (including one image per post). Minimum 3
Fee: $400/month

building Strategy

A link back to your site is like a “vote” for it in the search engines. In combination with other
optimization techniques, you can really increase tra
ffic by finding sites that refer their visitors
back to your site. But, it’s about quality, not quantity. We will create a link strategy for your
Website and implement it on your behalf. Minimum 3
month commitment.
Fee: $250/month

Animated Web Video

On Go
ogle, an indexed video stands a 50x greater chance of ranking on the first results page
than any other textual page. (Forrester Research) And video has been shown to increase a
customer’s propensity to buy, by upwards of 64%. (Internet Retailer) We will cr
eate a custom
animated web video for use on your website and other digital marketing channels. Includes
scriptwriting, professional voiceover and custom animation. 6 styles to choose from: Cartoon,
Whiteboard Scribing, Stick People, Stop Motion, Infographi
c and Screencast.
Fee: $2,000 for 1
minute video

Additional consulting and other SEO work: $50/hr

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy

Search Engine Marketing refers to the placement of ads online, most often in places like Google
or Facebook where you Pay
Click (PPC). Because of high competition, it is crucial to have a
strategy in place in order to maximize your budget and generate
a return on your investment.

2012 INSite Business Solutions

PPC advertising can be like a dial to turn up the traffic to your site. You bid against other
advertisers on keywords that are relevant to your business. Someone searches for your
keyword, your ad displays and you only pay fo
r the ad when someone clicks on it. Includes:
Keyword research (competition, average cost per click, positioning, etc), Ad Platform & Budget
recommendations. Once your monthly ad budget is determined, we will set up your campaign:

Up to 3 Ad groups per c
ampaign (A set of keywords, ads, and bids that is a key part of
how your account is organized.)

Up to 75 keywords (25 keywords per ad group)

Up to 9 text ads (3 per ad group) and 6 image ads (2 per ad group)

Ongoing campaign optimization

Monthly report

including statistics

Fee: $350 setup fee plus a 15% monthly management fee based off of monthly ad budget.

a $500 minimum mont
hly ad budget.)