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Search Engine Optimization
Search engine OptimizatiOn
Be gOOgle-friendly
Did you know that up to:
• 90% of first time visitors to websites
come from search engines?
• 70% of people searching on Google
don’t look past the first results page?
Search engine optimization (or SEO for
short) can help you get found by these
What iS Search engine
SEO is changes you can make to your website to
help it get listed higher on search engines like Google,
Bing and Yahoo when people search using certain
keywords – and encourage them to click through to
visit your site. SEO is a big topic, but you just need to
know what you can do to make your site search engine
hOW tO find the BeSt
Keywords are the core of SEO. In fact, before you even
create your website, you should know the words people
type into search engines to find information about your
products, services and industry. That way you can
create pages and text around those words and phrases.
Use keyword research tools
If you guess the words that people might use to find a
business like yours, then you’re assuming they all think
the same way you do. Instead, use a keyword research
tool to find:
• The most popular keywords
• Telated keywords you mightn’t have thought about
• Keywords that your competition haven’t thought of
• How many people search for them each month
Two good tools are:
• Google keyword search (free)
• Market Samurai ($149, but much more accurate
and comprehensive)
Search Engine Optimization
dOeS WeBSite deSign
affect SeO?
The way your website is built and structured also has a
big impact on SEO.
Unless you have a very good understanding of this area,
it’s best left to the people creating and looking after the
technical side of your website.
Just make sure they understand how to build an SEO
friendly website before they start.
USe a mix Of Online
marketing StrategieS
To get the best results, look at combining SEO with
other strategies such as:
• Search engine marketing
• Social media
• Online advertising
like tO learn mOre aBOUt
SEOMoz has a great beginners guide to SEO.