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I love what I do

SEO SwissKnife: The Online Small Business Platform

Short Real Small Business Online
Success Story for Media Managers…
Vik G

This is a small presentation of how the
“Swiss Knife”

online business was born!

This reading material is those of us who believe in growth
through online business and social media. For others it may be
purely academic and fun to view….

This presentation is for


only. Read

Page 42

How did I make my own online ‘Swiss Knife’ …

Click My Swiss

Somebody asked me in an
How did you make
money? What are you doing these
days to make some more? Is it
easy? What can I do to promote my
business online…

Well you better get your coffee or
up, whatever you do as my
story will take
16 minutes


Hi. My Short Story!

Everyone wants to know

to follow the money?


Vik G


Live in India & work out of other places I

want to
and when I want to…
freedom to work global.


Professional degree M.B.A with major in marketing

Work experience:

20+ years of hard work and a solid foundation.


Happily married with two loving children


advertising, marketing, sourcing, wholesale, retail, IT software, healthcare, real estate are some of the
business I try my best to do.

I Like & Love:

fine art, golf, music, blogging, pretty faces, hot bodies, travel and making lots of money!

My education background + hard work + good luck have been factors of my success in the real
online world.
I managed to secure my financial freedom by the age of 34. Consider your situation!

About Me

I love what I do! Everyday…

So what did I do to get my Freedom?

I was like most of
the guys

going down a

career path based on my

qualifications. The last job I

had was in 2001, working

in a top
management level

position with complete

charge of an entire division

selling OTC products with

a 120 sales team

under me.
I was busy with

making plans, meetings,

My 10 am

8 pm job kept me super busy
with responsibilities and
accountability. A headache.

I was always busy making strategies and
achieving targets for the big company. I was
so happy getting my 10% bonus and enjoyed my
corporate perks and position. I was married
and lived out of a rented apartment.
life, sure lot of my friends thought so and
so did I
… I was head of marketing but a
bored one really, simply because there was
no challenge, creativity and company budget
Really no action.

I had a fire
to create, some ideas and
I knew

working on
a job really never end
up creating wealth
unless you are at the very top. I know some
of my friends in their jobs have not done

Most people I know, might be lucky to
leave this world

Debt Free !

Believe in Yourself

That was way back then after I quit my job.
I had a plan in my head and some products
in hand to sell.

Yes, quitting my job was
impulsive then…

What I had was a professional degree, a
dream to succeed, some connections, some
ideas, risk taking abilities

no money to
start a small business really. I had
security of a home to live in, no debt and
enough money to take care of my daily needs,
even if I had to struggle it out for 2
years. I had always planned my finances and
was in a habit of saving upto 40% of my
salary. What I also had was faith in my
destiny and in myself

I took the leap.
Many of us keep thinking and thinking to
quit our jobs, but I know it is tough & many
still remain jailed in a job that makes them
enough for survival and some peanut money…
which is not enough!

Do a SWOT Analysis

Include yourself,
your idea and your action plan ready, when
you decide to quit.

Keep the Candle of Faith ON

Have faith in your

know your own
strengths and

weaknesses, save up

and for god sake have
a plan,

before jumping into
any new

business venture.

You should know

you can do & what

cannot do!

The Eye Opener

10 years

The 1

website that was created then was for the company in my last job…
Lessons Learnt!

My boss, gave me the task of putting together
the corporate

website. I had some exposure to the
internet but compared to

the rest I was so
called internet savvy

just a perception.

The work was outsourced to web design company

actually ended up make a hash
mash of it. I had let
myself down. The website was nothing much to write
home about.
I was unhappy with what I saw and
got it improved.

What was even more surprising was that the
boss was very happy. Simply because now the
company had it’s online presence. His goal
was fulfilled.

10 years ago that did work to an
small extent

a Lame Duck. Today it
is a Dead Duck!

This is how I stumbled my way forward in 2001…

The web site sucked !*@ , as I think back..

No Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done…




How I did it for My Business when I started out…

It took me 15 months. I created a website,
got web pages designed, submitted my website
to search engines and I was on top of
rankings. I made money with traffic pouring
in from various sources on the internet with
products to sell. Those were the days when
google, yahoo and msn were hungry to fill up
their digital repositary’s with any content
they found and every webpage was important
to them while they were scaling up. I got a
constant stream of visitor eyeball traffic,
which meant that my cash registers kept
ringing with new customers lining up to buy
my products.

People just like you and me
came searching
. They created the demand and they

“Found My Business Link”

I got in early. Search engines were
not choosy and I got results.

I would also like to be honest in saying…
used some email campaigns as well.”
I got my
mass ad message buzzing out to the world

Heck! I made so many great

with whom I enjoy
doing business

travel the world to meet up with

them, whenever I can...

I know their family’s, I have stayed with a
few of them in their family homes and also
meet a few, once a year for annual board
meetings. So I made contacts, made business
happen, had fun, made money… successfully!

You may want to also

the Social
Media Video!

Helped me get connected…

Yes! I was there…On







in and out of my website 24x7.

was working 18 hours a day, chatting

and packing orders. I used to wake up

and I had orders to pack & ship

I realized… my


慮a 獯s攠
on汩l攠ad sp敮e猠to get so浥mqu楣i

It Got Me Success!

Those were the days… no more.

It Got Me Status. Luxury & Piece of

I Love My Home

jy iiv楮朠ooo“


Today I can boast
of a

distributor base in

18 countries, who keep coming

back for more. With over

figures income in
profits. I still

continue to save & plough back

in new

The tap still continues to flow with new
customers for my various businesses, simply
coming through with constant every
day &
hour traffic strategies of
marketing, advertising and now with social

Thank God or thank google… BOTH

I did my time. How much time do you have ?

Sadly, a majority of small and

sized businesses,
till date in 2011

to be stuck in that static time

warped websites that I saw in 2001.

They or their webmasters, have

been able to


between their business with

online SEO, advertising, promotions &

marketing strategies and now

media with
tech smart

I don’t see many

doing this… regularly as I did.

Why? I asked myself… what’s stopping them.

Their online
presence and

vision actually still ends at

buying a company

and having the

pride of owning a [dot

com] address to print on

their business

How they continue to spend money but get low
results as no fresh content is created by
them. They still tell their customers to
find their online address on their business

I think not… simply foolish. A non starter.

It is not because the web
designers are trying

to fool
The company pr/ media manager
have not done their homework. No one
is keeping up, reading, writing,
learning and staying updated with the
changes that google, yahoo and msn are
unleashing by changing their search
algorithms. It was & is still simply
difficult to keep updated with the
search engine revolution as company’s
focus on traditional media and trust
it to deliver results…

I am afraid, that was then
& still is Now in 2011

That was then and this is now.

The majority small
medium enterprises did
not know better then and sadly still don’t
know better now.
They do not operate under
a dynamic mode to promote their online
it takes time and daily constant

New age high
tech smart customers are going

crazy online and their market share is
being eaten by the ones that are everywhere
and found by new customers.

Hey I have not even begun talking about
those millions of professional/ social
[customers] with smart mobile iPhones,
iPads, Blackberrys, Nokia, Samsung &
Laptops and what not… on the internet and

buzzing on social
media networks.

Won’t you love your business
to hav攠 the楲iatt敮瑩潮e&

Small business owners as in

past, still continue to
find it difficult

to make
money online.

Most are clue
less on how to,
have a

time constraint and
a set mind block. It is natural and normal.
They have always used the traditional media:
print, radio & TV. They have always relied
on yellow pages, bill
boards, brochures,
flyers, news paper classifieds.

Generation X and seniors don’t care about
online business as they are not tech. savvy.

They are happy running their brick & mortar
business store fronts and providing services
they have learnt and have mastery over their
trade skills. They like to keep their life

Small business cannot afford and only rely on traditional media anymore…

Small Medium Business Owners can do it too…

Simply because it is not being
done right. Websites are not
updated with SEO friendly content
and remain static. dead. mute….
Zero shout
out effect

If your customers cannot find you online. Then someone else will and
grab them!

Can I do the same for my business ?

How can I do it ?

I funded an IT start
up in 2006 to put all I knew into practice and
to create a system that would work for everyone who did or should
not need to learn all this stuff. We make it work with our back
support to turbo charge any online business on search engine
positions, rankings, optimization, marketing, advertising and also
media management.
We do it for you

All on Auto
pilot with
a web account manager. Simply sign
up, create your content & get
on top.

We make you popular online

Every hour. Every day. Mostly

I invented the ‘SEO Swiss Knife”

This is the end of my story



Choices? Customize Solutions or Use Hosted System

Buy your domain website name

and always keep
control with you. You get your own login. You never
know you might get a good price for it one day!

Host your web site

on top end hosting servers in the
US which are secure and stable.

Customization Options

Website Designing

Content management systems (blogs, micro

Business directory and portals

Tell us what

you want?

Let us provide designs to you…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Rankings Popularity (SERP)

Traffic strategies with back linking and cross linking.

RSS Feeds optimization & short URL with content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Content

We can also provide content on various industry topics to
make your website interesting to visitors and search
engines. You want us to update on a daily basis, we can.

Content is King!

If you have nothing to say about your business or
products… then you might as well not sell online.

Commerce Solutions

Commerce websites designing along with
secure payment gateway integration with PayPal
can be done by us to enable your business to
collect payments from customers with credit


all secure.

Membership System

We can create a membership system for your
website, so that you know who is buying from
you or who is visiting your website.

This is a great way to keep in constant touch
with your customers and visitors who may be
interested in what you sell. Send them emails
when you want.

Send Newsletters/ Flyers

We conduct ongoing campaigns for customers starting from
newsletters/ flyer design, emailing solution, subscribe/ un
subscribes and auto
responders to send emails to your
contacts when you want.

Complete Constant Contact Management Services for your

Manage your Distributors & Resellers

We provide solutions to you for complete
management of your distributors, resellers and

Keep track of online sales and commissions
payable to your resellers.

Let your online marketing network help you spread the word and also make some
money reselling your products.

All this takes time… 3
6 months


No shortcut to the

Search Engines are smart enough.
Can’t cheat them.

Want a Customized solution with
the bells and whistles?

Contact our Web Manager with
your questions to help you get

Do you also want to know more about social
media solutions to hyper charge your web

Want our online system and back
office support do everything for you? Sure we do it all the
time…365 days

Just want to go crazy viral on
social media
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we do it for you!

Contact Us

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(free worldwide)

Customer Support:

You have to see what applies to you… read it

You have to know what you can do and what you cannot do, as you may not be technically
savvy to do so, don’t have the required time required to do things online

simply maybe
don’t care.

I disclaim, it does not necessarily mean that any other person may be successful simply
because I was. Each one has to follow his own path to success work hard and time through
own ideas/ products to promote, social issues and business online. I have a company that
provides services now, to promote web media online as a full
time webmaster for clients
worldwide, who outsource their online presence.

One just has to be open to work forward with a vision