FIN 3361-Financial Management Summer I, 2011 Syllabus


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Syllabus FIN 3361
Summer I, 2011

FIN 3361-Financial Management
Summer I, 2011

(This syllabus is not a contract, real or implied, and may be changed by the instructor)

Course Number: Finance 3361

Course Name: Financial Management

Instructor: Dr. Biqing Huang, Ph.D.

Class Time: MTWRF 10 a.m –10:50 a.m.

Office: RAS 259

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:11:45am-12:45pm
Other time walk in or by appointment.

Office Phone: (325) 942-2069 Ext. 299

E-mail Address:

Required Text: William R. Lasher. Practical Financial Management, 6
ed. 2011.
South-Western College

Required Calculator: Hewlett-Packard 10-BII. The Hewlett-Packard 10B-II (HP 10BII)
calculator is strongly recommended. All examples shown in class will use this calculator. If you
choose to use another, it is your responsibility to learn to use it. Bring the calculator to every
class, starting with the second class.

Course Objectives: The essential objectives of this course are for the student to learn
techniques of financial management. Topics may include time value of money, valuation of
stocks and bonds, risk and return, capital budgeting analysis, financing alternatives, financial
planning, ratio analysis, short-term financial decisions, working capital, sources and uses of
funds, capital structure, dividend policy, lease analysis, options, international financial
management, and other topics associated with successful business finance decisions in an
internationally competitive environment.

Syllabus FIN 3361
Summer I, 2011

Grades: Grades may consist of exams, assignments, and attendances.

Your grade will be assigned to the following achievements. The instructor reserves the right to
change the cutoffs presented below.

Letter Grade %

A 90% and above
B 80% - 89.99%
C 70% - 79.99%
D 60% - 69.99%
F Below 60%

Exams: Exams may consist of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, essays,
and problems, as appropriate for the material. You will need to bring #2 pencil,
an eraser, and a financial calculator to each exam.

Final Exam: The final exam may be accumulative.

Exam Make-up Policy: If you can not be present at an exam, you must discuss your situation
with the instructor before the scheduled exam date to determine if a make-up will be permitted.
Make-up exam might be different and more difficult.

Attendance: Course attendance is very important. The instructor will count attendance
randomly during the term. You will earn full points if your attendance is above 92%. You
will earn 40% of full points if your attendance is between 83%-92%. You will not earn any
points if you attendance is below 83%. The instructor reserves the right to give out a grade of
“F” if your attendance is below 50%.

Syllabus FIN 3361
Summer I, 2011

Student conduct in class:

- All students are expected to exercise self-discipline and respect for the rights of others at all
times. Students acting in a disruptive manner will be asked to leave the classroom. Please
turnoff all noise making sources (cell phones and pager ringers, for example) before class;
- If you know you have to leave before the class finishes, please let the instructor know before
the class; if you have to leave because of unexpected reasons (for example, you feel sick
suddenly and can not continue the class), please send the instructor email no later than 24
hours after the class. If you leave before the class finishes without letting the instructor
know the reasons, the instructor will deduct 30 points each time you do that.

Email manners: Please include subject, titles or names of the person you are writing to,
content, and your names. The instructor will not respond to emails that are not written in good

Special Needs: Persons with disabilities which may warrant academic accommodations must
contact the Student Life Office, Room 112 University Center, in order to request such
accommodations prior to any accommodations being implemented. You are encouraged to
make this request early in the semester so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Academic Honesty:
Cheating is a very serious academic offense and is not tolerated in any form.
Angelo State University expects its students to maintain complete honesty and integrity in their
academic pursuits. Students are responsible for understanding the Academic Honor Code,
which is contained in both print and web versions of the Student Handbook.

Course Revision: Any revisions to this syllabus will be announced in class and supercede this
syllabus. Students are responsible for being aware of these changes.

Syllabus FIN 3361
Summer I, 2011
Tentative class schedules

Adjustments will be made if necessary based on actual progress during class meetings.

Class Day Date Chapter Topic
1 W Jun 1 1
Introductions, Foundations, Financial Background
2 R Jun 2 2,3,4
Cash Flows and Financial Analysis, Financial Planning
3 F Jun 3 5
Time Vale of Money
4 M Jun 6 5
Time Vale of Money
5 T Jun 7 6
Time Vale of Money
6 W Jun 8 7
The Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds
7 R Jun 9
Exam I (Chapter 1-6)
8 F Jun 10 7
The Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds
9 M Jun 13 8
The Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks
10 T Jun 14 8
The Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks
11 W Jun 15 9
Risk and Return
12 R Jun 16 9
Risk and Return
13 F Jun 17 11
Capital Budgeting
14 M Jun 20

Exam II (Chapter 7-9)
15 T Jun 21 12
Cash Flow Estimation
16 W Jun 22
Exam II (Chapter 7, 8, 9,11,12)
17 R Jun 23 13, 14
Cost of Capital, Capital Structure and Leverage
20 T Jun 28 15, 16
Dividends, The Management of Working Capital
21 W Jun 29 17
Corporate Restructuring
22 R Jun 30 18
International Finance
23 F Jul 1
Final Exam