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Based CAHR Meeting

March 14, 2012

Our Lady of Victory Church

8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Attending: Father Matt, Maria

, Tori Von Leer, Donna Snyder, Kelly Shaffer,
Arlene Allison, Pastor Karen, Kathie Hulburt

Created by God
: Although there were only

4 participants, the feedback from the
participants was excellent and several families have requested in be offered again.
One family offered to sponsor half of Dr. Ritchie's fee for the next 2
3 years. The
next year Created by God was scheduled for Apr
il 2013, the weekend after Easter.

WAIT Training
: There were about 25 participants, 15 High School and 10 Middle
School. Discussion ensued about ways to present the material in the future such as
conducting an overnight or offering it in another setting.

College Transition Initiative:

Will be held March 24, from 9
noon at Abba Java
Coffee House. It is free to all participants. The $1000 cost will be shared by F
CAHR, St. Paul's Youth and the Wesley Foundation. It is being advertised on the
CDT, St. Pauls and other places. Please encourage seniors in high school to

Parent Training
: Kelly is teaching a Parent Sunday School class at St. Pauls. There
is a real need for other parent training groups. There are many good resources
can be used.

Safe Alternatives for Teens:

Several ideas were discussed for new ways of
reaching youth. Father Matt suggested we should offer fun activities for healthy
lationships such as an outdoor movie night. OLV is scheduling several events suc
as a Swing night. They have had excellent responses from the kids.

utreach to other Faith Based Groups
continues to be a problem. We have tried
mailings but have not had much success. Meetings could be held at other churches
and we will ask them to h
ost future meetings.