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IPv6 Training Solutions
A one-stop solution for all your IPv6 needs
For more information on our IPv6 Services, please contact:
Mr. Manoj Bhatia | Country Manager, Singapore (Tech Mahindra) | Cell No: +65 91812071 | Email Address: manoj.bhatia@techmahindra.com
Mr. Ram Ramachandra | Head ASEAN (Mahindra Satyam) | Cell No: +65 92957558 | Email Address: ram_ramachandran@mahindrasatyam.com
About Tech Mahindra:
Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting
firm focused on the communications industry. Tech Mahindra helps companies
innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and
flexible partnering models. This has helped customers reduce operating costs,
generate new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage.
For over two decades, Tech Mahindra has been the chosen transformation partner for
wireline, wireless and broadband operators around the world. Tech Mahindra's
capabilities span across Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems
(OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility, Security
Consulting, Testing, and other areas.
Tech Mahindra's solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development &
Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Managed
Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BPO. Over 35,200 professionals
service clients across the telecom eco-system, from a global network of development
centers and sales offices across Americas, Europe, Middle-east, Africa and Asia-Pacific.
With annual revenues in excess of US$ 976 million, Tech Mahindra is the largest
telecom-focused solutions provider and 5th largest software exporter from India.
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All rights reserved.
About Mahindra Satyam:
Mahindra Satyam (OTC: SAYCY), a leading information, communications and
technology (ICT) company providing top-class business consulting, information
technology and communication services. Leveraging deep industry and functional
expertise, leading technology practices and a global delivery model, Mahindra Satyam
enables companies achieve their business goals and transformation objectives.
Mahindra Satyam is powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals
across enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence,
business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, digital
convergence, product lifecycle management, and infrastructure management
services, among other capabilities. Mahindra Satyam's development and delivery
centers in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia,
Singapore and Australia serve numerous clients, including several Fortune 500
Why is IPv6 training and awareness crucial for IPv6 adoption and migration?
IPv6 awareness across
IPv6 awareness across the senior
management of an organization is a
critical element towards ensuring
that the business goals, priorities
and budgets are planned for IPv6
Lack of knowledge to plan and
implement IPv6
Knowledge of various aspects that
encompass IPv6 adoption and migration is critical to planning
and implementing the seamless r ol l out of I Pv6 acr os s an
organization. This would ensure
that all critical elements are
consi dered, pri ori ti zed and
implemented in a timely manner.
Lack of IPv6 skilled resources
Lack of skills in new and emerging
technologies, could be a significant
barrier in terms of adopting and propagating solutions. This would
be more so in the case of IPv6,
wherein the impact of IPv6 is
widespread ranging from network,
applications and services. Building
an IPv6 skilled workforce is critical
to ensure the smooth rollout and
adoption of IPv6.
Tech Mahindra, collaboration with Mahindra Satyam, has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design, delivery
and evaluation cycle of professional training. The combined entity successfully delivers full lifecycle training to both its
internal recourse pool and customers.
To date, Tech Mahindra has successfully trained in excess of 50,000 professionals and annually delivers training to more
than 25,000 end users. This talent pool extends to the full range of leadership within the organization.
Externally, Tech Mahindra provides training to a wide range of customers with varied and complex requirements,
business constraints and skill sets. In terms of scope, this training varies from product and systems training to behavioral
and soft skills training.
Tech Mahindra has comprehensive experience of delivering successful training programs to a large number of key
market sectors including both Telecommunications and Healthcare. In terms of Healthcare, Tech Mahindra has
successfully designed, delivered and managed a large training program for the Ministry of Health in the APAC (Asia
Pacific) region. This program involved training of over 600 delegates on the “Intermediate and Long Term Care
Information System” (ILTCIS).
Looking at some of the achievements to date, Mahindra Satyam has shown a tremendous impact in the following
Below mentioned is the list of various IPv6 courses from Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Satyam, that can help you
acquire awareness and training :
IPv6 awareness for Senior Management Implementing IPv6 using windows
Introduction to IPv6 Implementing IPv6 using Linux
IPv6 - Planning and implementation DNSv6, DHCPv6 and IP address management
IPv6 - Security solutions IPv6 - Web infrastructure and solutions
Implementing IPv6 using Cisco IOS IPv6 - Software development
Current Investments of $111M in learning The highest amount of money invested in learning,
ca. 9.7%, being the world's highest
The amount of time spent learning exceeds 9.2M
hours To date, more than 684,000 courses completed
Internally, more than 4,000 course offerings The virtual (on line) learning classes have delivered
annual savings of over $2M
We firmly believe that by leveraging the internal expertise and the rich experience with external clients, Tech Mahindra
and Mahindra Satyam together can successfully meet your training requirements.
IPv6 Training Courses: An overview
Customized IPv6 Trainings
Tech Mahindra offers various IPv6 training courses which can be customized to your training requirements.
What is IPv6
Importance of IPv6 to your business
How IPv6 can benefit businesses and
improve their use of networking
The differences between IPv4 and
How IPv6 works
The new features of IPv6, including
Quality of Service and Security
The current status of IPv6
What is involved in migrating to IPv6
IPv6 Overview
IPv6 network Migration planning and
How to support IPv6 in networking
software and devices
IPv6 stateless auto-configuration and
addresses management
Configuring IPv6 migration
methodologies on various platforms
Dual-stacks, 6to4, ISATAP and Teredo
Configuring IPv6 for Network services
- DNS, DHCP, OSPFv3 and others
Enabling IPv6 at the application layer
(e.g. Apache, ping, FTP and e-mail)
IPv6 Planning and Implementation
Security features of IPv6
Understand IPv6 security risks
IPv4 and IPv6 - security differences
New risks with IPv6 transition
Overcoming security risks associated
with Ipv6
How to build IPv6 firewalls
IPv6 security best practices
IPv6 Security
Windows Networks IPv6 Migration
Planning and Management
IPv6 capabilities in Windows products
IPv6 stateless auto-configuration and
address management
Configure IPv6 migration techniques
on Windows
IPv6 Transition Technologies - 6to4,
ISATAP and Teredo configuration.
Tools for understanding Windows
IPv6 Configuration
IPv6 and Winsock programming
IPv6 Security considerations for
Implementing IPv6 using Windows
IPv6 Basics
IPv6 Addressing and Configuration
Implementing IPv6 Tunneling
BGP, OSPF, RIP implementation with
DHCP for IPv6
IPv6 and Network Management
IPv6 and QoSIpv6 Security IPSec, Traffic Filters and
Implementing IPv6 using Cisco IOS
IPv6 Basics
IPv6 Addressing
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
Stateless auto-configuration, DHCPv6
on Linux
System checks for IPv6 readiness
Configuring interfaces and address
Route Configuration
Tunneling IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels
Debugging on LinuxFirewalls and IPv6
Security, encryption and
IPv6 client-server networking
applications on Linux
Implementing IPv6 using Linux
What is DNS and the IPv6 extensions
The new features of DNSv6
The differences between DNSv4 and
How DNSv6 works
DNSv6 in a Service provider
What is involved in migrating to
Implementing and troubleshooting
BIND based DNSv6
What is DHCP and the IPv6 extensions
The new features of DHCPv6
The differences between DHCPv4 and
How DHCPv6 works
DHCPv6 in a Service provider
What is involved in migrating to
Implementing and troubleshooting
DNSv6, DHCPv6 and IP Address
How to migrate your web servers to
Upgrade networking software to
support IPv6
Upgrade and configure DNS servers
for IPv6
Implement an IPv6 version of
Obtain and implement IPv6 enabled
POP and IMAP daemons
IPv6 Web Infrastructure and Solutions
Perform a software impact analysis for
migrating to IPv6
Perform an inventory assessment to
understand the migration
Analyze the impact of migration on
3rd party software
Use tools and scripts for code analysis
for migration to IPv6.
Write code using the new socket calls
and data structures required for IPv6
Test your software and devices for
both IPv4 and IPv6 interoperability
and support
IPv6 Software development
Tech Mahindra will devise, manage and execute an effective face-to-face
training delivery program. This delivery will ensure that the team members
are fully prepared to participate with optimal effectiveness in the overall
deployment program and that the trainers are fully equipped with the
necessary skills to train end users.
Entry Criteria
The Entry Criteria include the Courseware along with the Training Calendar.
Exit Criteria
The Exit Criteria for this section: A Training Completion Report, Assessment
Report , Courseware and Trainer Feedback.
Tech Mahindra will design a continuous
improvement mechanism that will continuously
monitor and measure the effectiveness of the end
user training for IPv6. By doing so, any areas that
require enhancement will be quickly identified and
fully addressed.
This approach will ensure that the training design
and the training delivery evolve over time and
continue to fully meet changing local needs and
Entry Criteria
The Entry Criteria include a Training Completion
Report, Assessment Report, Courseware and
Trainer Feedback.
The deliverables from this section are the
Evaluation Assessment Results and a Corrective
Action Plan for those failed/poor performed cases.
Exit Criteria
The Exit Criteria from this section: For the Trainees
to pass the assessments; and for any corrections to
the Trainers Skills or courseware to be completed.
Knowing the audience Do's and Don'ts, common best
practices and issues
Setting training expectations
Summarising important
Detailed Training, covering the
background, relevant
concepts, examples, Revising sessions on
illustrations and exercises for subsequent training days.
the audience
Training Assessment
Extra Learning Quiz / Test
Training Alliances
Global Recognition
Mahindra Satyam has also received global recognition for the quality of its training capability and facilities and
some of these awards are shown below.
Tech Mahindra Quality Certifications
Tech Mahindra takes great pride in the quality of its work and places great emphasis on benchmarking itself
against and achieving, industry certifications. Tech Mahindra has the following certifications which are the
testaments to its commitment to the assurance of quality standards and processes across the organization:
ISO 9001:2000 for its organization-wide quality management systems
ISO 27001 / BS 7799 for its Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
ISO 20000 / BS 15000 (formerly BS 15000) for ITIL Service Management practices
BS 25999 for its Business Continuity planning, execution and monitoring processes and controls
SEI CMM (Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model) Level 5 for its software
development processes and controls
SEC CMMi (Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model) Level 5
SSE Level 5 for compliance with global information security standards around ensuring customers'
intellectual property is protected against falling into unsafe hands, during disaster
AS9100 / EN9100 for its aerospace-specific quality standards compliance;
Automotive SPICE PATHFINDER™ Maturity Level 5 for its aerospace-specific compliance for
process capability and organizational maturity and Payment Card Industry [PCI-DSS 1.1] for its secure
and controlled processes and facilities for the banking industry.
Ranked #1 for learning by American Society for Training &
Development (2007)
Ranked #8 in 2009 Training Top 125
3 awards at 2009 Corporate University Xchange
(CorpU) 10th Annual Awards for Excellence and Innovation
7 awards from Employee Involvement Association (EIA) 2008
Only organization to win 2 Special Awards at Fall 2008 CLO Symposium
Gold in Vanguard category Silver in Business Impact category
Top Training Professionals in the world
under the age of 40 by Training Magazine
Hirdesh Singhal (2009)
Joshua Craver (2008)
Ed Cohen
HR Leadership Award
Employer Branding Institute’s 3rd Employer Branding Awards 2008-09
Priscilla Nelson - IT People Women Leadership Award
Priscilla Nelson - Will Recognition Award (Will Women’s Choice Category)