Children in prison then and now

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Children in prison then and now

Children in prison long ago

Children in prison now

Juvenile Correctional
Institution’s hold children
under the age of 18 that has
committed a crime.

The Institutions keep
children separated from
dangerous adult convicts.

The Institutions also
provide recreation, food,
and education.

If you were 12 or older you
could be sentenced to hard
work for something such as
stealing a rabbit.

Children were put in prison
with adult criminals .

Children could go to prison
with their family if they
owed a debt.

Punishment of Children then

Could be sentenced to a month of hard labor

Could be put in prison with adult convicts

Could be sent to industries to work

Prison’s Then

Coldbath held men
women and children.

In 1850 it was
changed to take men
only and then they
extended it again.

It was known as one
of the toughest

It was used for local
London criminals.

A layout of Cold Bath Fields Prison.

Prison’s Today

A Monolithic, steel
reinforced concrete
shell is impenetrable.

Inmates cannot chisel
their way through it
with a knife or any
other sharp object.

The openness
provides vision of all

The better sightlines
translate into less

Prison’s Then and Now

Prison Then

Prison Now

Prison’s have changed a lot from the Victorian times until now. We use
different textures and have different layouts. The layouts above are from
prison’s today and prison’s during the Victorian time period.