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Thaddeus Hyatt had an idea to reinforce
concrete to avoid stress on a beam.

Before they had iron,they used rocks,logs
and animal hide to build bridges.

The first bridge was made by nature.

The iron bridge was made by abraham
darby,(the third.)

Girder bridges were made in the 20


Humber bridge was once the longest
bridge in the world.

They used bridges to get over rivers





Reinforced Concrete

The brooklyn bridge is located in New York
City. They began working on it on janurary

1870. four years later the bridge was
made public. The bridge opened in 1883.

Courtney campbell causeway
was buit in the later 1920’s. Ben
t. Davis built it.

Venetian causeway crosses
biscayne bay and the city of miami.
This bridge is located in miami. It was
built in 1913 by john s. Collins and
carl g. Fisher.

The sunshine skyway bridge
is located in sarasota
florida. It was built in 1982
and it was built by
american bridge company.

Bridge of lions is in st.augustine,
florida. It was built in1925 and
finished in 1927.