SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


Your data center should drive business forward

not derail it. It's time for a better choice in enterprise computing, and
that's why organizations worldwide are turning to SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server from Novell®.

This data center
powerhouse gives you maximum reliability and security

and a way to cut your infrastructure costs by up to 70 percent.
When you choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you choose a data center solution that features:

Integrated Xen virtualization

Total server and application security

Key development tools and software support

Innovative cost
savings measures

Comprehensive systems management

Combined with world
class Novell support and the new Novell Customer Center, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides
a flexible and scalable Linux system to meet the

complex needs of your data center.

Integrated Xen Virtualization

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is armed with the Xen hypervisor and integrated management tools to support
virtual machines on commodity hardware. These tools give data center administrators new levels of flexibility and agility
in their environments at no additional charge.


Total Security for Servers and Applications

Novell AppArmor™ enterprise
class application security included with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server protects the
operating system and its applications from the harmful side effects of attacks, malicious applications and viruses. SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server
also features other essential security capabilities: encryption, a firewall, security
creation and management and user authentication and access control. Whether an attack originates internally or
externally, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with A
ppArmor keeps you in business by reducing administration costs and
preventing downtime.


Key Development Tools and Software Support

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes the latest stable releases of key development tools, services and environments
the "Web 2.0" infrastructure. These include Apache Web Server, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby,
Geronimo, Apache Tomcat and many others. In addition, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers out
box support for
more than 1,000 open source appl

When it comes to commercial application software support, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has substantial industry
backing from leading independent software vendors, including SAP, Oracle, Symantec, VMware, Reuters and BEA.
More than 1,300 partners
provide nearly 3,000 applications that are certified to run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,
spanning a broad range of horizontal and vertical markets.

Innovative Cost
savings Measures

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you only pay for your original lice
nse and subscription. You can then create and
use an unlimited number of virtual servers at no further cost.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you save on hardware, too. Its proven compatibility with a range of commodity
from blades to clusters a
nd mainframes
simplifies integration and reduces your costs. By switching to SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server on commodity hardware, some organizations have reduced their infrastructure costs by up to 70

Comprehensive Systems Management

Many systems administrators will tell you that installing and configuring a single server is trivial, but it becomes a
daunting task when scaled across the enterprise. SUSE Linux Enterprise Ser
ver 10 ships with a comprehensive set of
administration, configuration and deployment tools that ease the burden of system maintenance and subscription


class Support from Novell Customer Center

With a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription, you get access to the new Novell Customer Center. This convenient
online interface makes it easy for you to manage all your bu
siness and technical interactions with Novell. From one
location, you can review the status of all your Novell products, subscriptions and services. You can also obtain critical
Linux updates and support, which will help you reduce systems
management costs
. Novell Customer Center automates
registration and renewal notification, so you can easily track licensing and usage in your data center and throughout your
entire network.