Vex Robotics - Soccer

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Vex Robotics


Over the next 4
5 weeks you will design
and build a robot to accomplish a series of

You will work in teams of 4 or 5 for the
duration of the VEX unit.

All team members will have an equal
share in designing, building reporting and
evaluating your robots.

Examine your Vex kits.

Research Questions

1) What was the first
useful/practical robot

2) Where was it designed and by whom?

3) List 5 current uses for robotics and the technology
they replaced.

4) What is meant by the term artificial intelligence?

5) Explain why a robot such as the ones you will build
are not considered to be an AI even if they are pre
programmed and function without the remote.

6) List two interesting facts from the Vex Robotics official

7) What are the different subsystems of a vex robot?
Explain in detail the importance of each one.


Design, construct and test a remote
controlled vex robot that will be able to
compete against another robot in a game
of soccer.

It will be able to control the ball while
travelling and delivering it into the net.


You must use the basic platform design (You
may make modifications to it as you proceed)

It must be controlled remotely

Have a ball control device that does not prevent
another robot from taking it away.

Have a push limit switch on the back and front

You may use metal, wood or plastic in addition
to the material in the Vex kit. You may have to
bring it from home.

Design Brief

All necessary components of a design
brief must be completed for this challenge.

This include the problem, research
questions, ideas/sketches, final design,
cycle analysis and evaluation


4 Minute Games

½ pt if you go into net with ball

1 pt if you shoot the ball into the net

Everybody plays at least two games

Contact allowed if playing the ball

If a foul is called, a pt will be given to the
opposing team