Training the Technologists of Tomorrow

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March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Training the Technologists of

NASA, Girl Scouts and the FIRST Robotics Competition

Team 1868: The Space Cookies

2006 Robotics


March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Deliverables for Sponsors

3 paragraph email outlining who we are and what we're
looking for from the recipient, perhaps a team photo from
the regionals

A Powerpoint presentation that conveys the excitement of
the endeavor and asks for what we want

A 1
page leave behind (double sided) tri
fold brochure for

Ideally, a basic 2
4 page web site with robot photos, links,
lessons learned and tips for newcomers to robotics

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics


Purpose of visit

Team 1868

The Space Cookies

The FIRST Robotics competition

How we won the regional competition

Support, Donations & Sponsorship

Giving back


March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Purpose of Visit

Girls Robotics Team seeking to raise at least
$10,000 for next round of events

Use of funds

Travel & Lodging for National Competition in Atlanta, GA

To perform community outreach

Placed as “Rookie All
Star” and won “Highest Seed
Rookie” in FIRST Silicon Valley Regional Competition in
early March 2006

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Team 1868

The Space Cookies

All girls team

Twelve high schoolers from all
over the Bay Area

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

Range of interests and

Sponsored by NASA and Girl

Few of team had any
engineering or robotics

Mentored by experienced team
and individual mentors

Started in December 2005

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

FIRST Robotics Competition

(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

Founded by Dean Kamen

Purpose is to inspire an
interest in science and
technology in youth

Builds self
knowledge and life

“We need to show kids it’s more fun to
design and create a video game than it is
to play one”

Dean Kamen

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

FIRST Robotics Rules

Six weeks to design a robot that can play
on a field the size of a basketball court as
part of a 3 vs. 3 robot competition.

At each end there are 3 goals

One high goal basketball style goal

Two low soccer style goal

30 Seconds in autonomous mode

3 minutes on offense, defense and free
all in driver mode

All teams get the same basic parts

CPU, motors, sensors, pneumatics.

Choices, choices, choices

Arms or no arms?

Treads or wheels

Some constraints



March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Picking a Strategy

Choices, choices…

Block or Score

Score in the high goal, or score
in the low goal.

Gather balls or pre
load only

At the end, your robot needs to
get back on your platform for
extra points

We have a fairly simple robot but
quite effective.

We focused on:

Ball gathering

Scoring in the low goal

Built low for stability

Built for speed

Getting up the ramp

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

On Work







Practice, Practice, Practice

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics


Guided by mentors but built and operated by team

Thanks to

NASA & Girl Scouts

The Cheesy Poofs (Bellarmine Prep)

Legendary FIRST team

Individual Volunteer Mentors

Project Management





March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

FIRST Silicon Valley Regionals

Space Cookies won big!

FIRST Awards

Highest Seeded Rookie Team

Rookie All
Star Team

Awarded to The Space Cookies

March 2006

Click above to Play Movie

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics


Dec 2005

Call for participation, Initial meeting

Jan 7 2006

Challenge announced

Jan 7 2006

Agreed on 3 goals (go for low goal only, be strong enough to push other robots around, be able to get
onto ramp)

Jan 2006

Brush pick
up, tried and then discarded for roller pick up seen in previous FIRST game

Roller pickup prototype built and tested

28 Inch front changed to 38” front, major discussion over whether to have robot regurgitate balls by reversing motors, or
have separate system to spit them out the back

Initial design and strategy decided

Course corrections

Prototype mechanisms

Final Design

First Assembly of Robot

Feb 10
15 2006

Repeated Assembly of Robot, pile of parts as of Feb 4

Feb 12 2006

Troubleshooting night

Feb 20 2006


Feb 21 2006

Ship date!!!

Mar 16
18 2006

FIRST Silicon Valley Regionals Rookie All Stars!

April 26
29 2006

FIRST National Competition, Atlanta, GA

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Press Coverage

NBC11 Nightly News

San Jose Mercury News


Local Papers

Los Altos Town Crier

Various other media

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Support & Current Sponsors

Space Cookies required to cover costs of travel to
Atlanta for FIRST National Championship

Doing cookie sales, car washes

NASA Ames Office of Education & FAA are
contributing towards part of the expenses

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Estimated Minimum Budget










Community outreach will cost
additonal dollars


Twelve girls, three mentors

Food and recreation is personally funded

Parents traveling on their own budget

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Sponsor a Worthy Cause

Allows team to travel to Atlanta and show what girls can do
in science and technology

Supports community outreach

San Jose East Side High Educational Festival participation

Girls Go Tech Event (Encourage girls into STEM

Technology, Engineering and Math)

Participation in Tech Museum Exhibit for ages 6

Adopted Brownie Troop 990 to mentor girls for First Lego League

Other events planned

Web Site to publicize team’s efforts and successes

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics

Sponsorship Opportunities

$ 5000 Gold sponsorship

$2500 Silver Sponsorship also available

$1000 Bronze Sponsorship

Sponsorship considerations:

Space Cookies present at event of your choice [Gold]

Sponsor name on robot, banner, T
Shirt [Gold]

Written report about Nationals in Atlanta [Silver & Bronze]

Sponsor name on banner [Silver]

Sponsor name on t
shirt [Bronze]

Space Cookies will be eternally grateful…

March 2006

Space Cookies Robotics


Contact Information

Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani

(650) 575

Rajiv Dholakia


(650) 400
2958 (mobile)

Smita Joshi

650 494