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PI 4034, Rev. A DCN: 0662

CytoLayer Sedimentation Chambers

Intended Use For in vitro diagnostic use

Summary And
The CytoLayer Sedimentation Chambers are disposable devices used together with the
CytoLayer Press or as a standalone unit to ensure proper application and adherence of
liquid cytology specimen on a microscope slide. When used together with the CytoLayer
Press, the CytoLayer Sedimentation Chambers create leak free open-top enclosures
that enables reliable sedimentation of cell specimens on microscope slides and is
recommended to be used together with the CytoLayer Gyn Liquid Cytology System or
CytoLayer Non-Gyn Liquid Cytology System.


The CytoLayer Sedimentation Chambers are supplied in bags of 100, 500 and 1000


Storage Store at Room Temperature Stability N/A


For professional users. Avoid microbial contamination.
Proper handling procedures should be used.

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Catalog No. Number per Bag
BSB 4018
BSB 4019 500
BSB 4034

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use