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Genetic engineering can save our live

The use of genetic engineering is developing rapidly in many traditional fields, including
medicine and agriculture, as well as new fields such as biotechnology.

I'll start with the advantages of genetic engineering:

New drugs


Medical procedures (which can save and prolong human life)

Treatments that may alter the characteristics of plants (to provide better performance.)

Efficient agricultural production (which could feed more people using fewer pesticides and le
favorable conditions.)

Proponents of genetic engineering are also talking about creating GMOs, which will improve the
quality of the environment by cleaning up oil spills and toxic waste.

But in the GMO has its disadvantages!

Among the potential risks
of genetically engineered organisms to create new disease to which
there is no natural resistance and no available treatment, new food substances that create
allergic or toxic reactions and irreversible damage to natural ecosystems and the environment.

ofessional opinion!

Officially, no one says that GMOs are harmful. Most often they are signed as "potentially
dangerous". To make a statement about the dangers of GMOs, must conduct a long and
extensive research and experimentation. In order to determine t
he consequences of GMO
products must be 40
50 years. Therefore, we must be

when choosing food. While
many scientists involved in the case, stating that, compared with a diet containing
preservatives, flavors, dyes, food with GMOs generally harmles

GM can no longer push GMOs can help us solve the problem of hunger.

ut nobody can say exactly what GM did not start

efore we could live without GMOs