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Novozymes A/S

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CVR number:

10 00 71 27

Thomas Schäfer

Vice President, Head of The Innovation Office & Microbial Biotechnology

Thomas is heading Novozymes’ Innovation Office and the company’s research in
microbial biotechnology. It is his job to make sure Novozymes has a pipeline of new
groundbreaking product ideas.

To maintain its competitive advantage and global market share,
Novozymes continuously
brings new innovation to the market. Every year Novozymes launches 6
8 new products
and while some are improvements on existing technology, others are radical new
concepts. Many of these concepts originate in the Research & Developme
department’s Innovation Office which acts as the first step in Novozymes’ business

As Head of The Innovation Office Thomas Schäfer oversees these activities. He is also in
charge of Novozymes’ research in Microbial Biotechnology. Here, hi
s task is to develop
Novozymes’ technology platform within living microbial systems for a wide range of
applications such as industrial cleaning products, waste water treatment systems and
biofertilizers for agriculture.

Thomas started in Novozymes in 199
4 and has worked in a number of positions in
research and development as well as business since then. He has a special expertise in
renewable chemicals. Thomas holds a Diploma in Microbiology from Universität Marburg,
a PhD in Microbiology from Freie Unive
rstät in Berlin and is an Assistant Professor at the
Freie Universtät Berlin.