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WebComm e

April 6
, 2011


Present People

Holger Fritze

speaker (EGEA Muenster)

Claudia Iordache

secretary (EGEA Bucharest)

Jelle Gulmans

(EGEA Utrecht)

(Greg) Grzegorz Łach
(EGEA Warsaw)

Miia Mikkonen

(EGEA Oulu)

Sven Vanderhaege

BoE (EGEA Brussel)



update about website progress




next steps: training at the AC



Update about the website progress

The bugs we all have collected have been put into one central document and gotten priorities. Tim
nd Thomas who were involved in the development about 1

1.5 years ago reviewed the
document and separated bugs from new features. Now this list has been presented to the
company and we will see what they say. Our aim is to solve these bugs for free (what
they should
do) and get a good ooffer for implementing the new features we need.

The company has already been contacted about this and we are now waiting for their reply.


The finances were one reason why we had to postpone the website release
on March 1st. As you
may know the EU didn't granted us financial support which affected our committee quite
intensively. But luckily the BoE could acquire some money, so that we can continue with the
website. Holger thanks the BoE on behalf of Webcomm.

ost of the money will most likely spent on the company for implementing the requested
features.We have a budget of around 1500

2000€ but we should spend as little money as
possible, as the whole financial situation of EGEA is not too positive this year.

Greg asks:
Do you think we can implement something simple in case of not enough money for
implementing everything by the company? I've asked several meetings ago about the
documentation of project and availability of source code, but as far as I remember
we don't have
complete information about that.

Holger answers that: we do have of full acess to the source code. the whole website uses drupal
as framework which is the postive thing.the negative things is that drupal is a mighty framework
and getting int
o takes its time. also the company made some adaptions and we don't know if they
were own implementations or adapted add ons. so we do can change things and also implement
them, but it will take us (much likely) much more time. on the buglist are also seve
ral issues we
did not forwad to the company because we can do them on our own, mostly these are some
configuration isssues

Next steps

First we have to wait until we have negotiated the issues with the company and they have
implemented everything. But that

doesn't mean we have nothing to do ;)


FAQ list for the new website

We should make ourselves more familiar with the website, so that we know how things work,
when we release it. Therefore we want to created a FAQ. How can I do this, how can I do that.
Also we can already start filling the website with content. Like official documents and fill at least
our committee with content. Both issues would be your part. Claudia and my idea was it to collect
questions for the FAQ and discuss it on the new website.

Holger have already created a forum
topic. So far only Claudia, Miia and Holger have access to the group and hence the forum topic.
Holger will provide access to the whole committee on the weekend.


Webcomm trainings at congresses:

At the Rcs, didn't
take place due to the fact that we couldn't release the new website until March
, 2011 because of financial and technical reasons.

Supposing that the new website would be released by the AC, the organizerd of the AC 2011 have
provided our committee wi
th a space and time for a trainings during the congress. We will have
about one hour in the evening after dinner. The training needs to be prepared now. This is also a
task for somebody, or also some more people. We should at least come up with a concept a
nd a
list of things we will need.We can discuss it on the forum as well. But, as the progress of the new
website is not that visible we thought about discussing it on the “old” website and not on the new
one, on the committee forum.

The committee will al
so discuss if the training is for every EGEAn or only for people from the EGEA
administration structures, at first.

Webcomm T

Greg and Rares (EGEA Cluj) have worked on the design, which can be found here:

Most opinions are in favour of version 1.

Printing options: Miia has checked the prices in Finland and a T
shirt would be aprox 20 euros.
Greg is going to check the
prices in Poland. Jelle will contact Vistaprint, with which EGEA has a
discount agreement and check the prices with them.

The distribution of T
shirts we still need to decide, but we know we can mail them from UU for

Deadline for printing the T
hirts: AC 2011.


Holger ends the meeting at 22:08 CET, thanking everyone for their participation. The e
continues with a quite long and fun session of e