Minutes of Steering Group meeting 16 June 2009

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Minutes of Steering Group meeting

16 June 2009


Bill, Anne, Andy, Jessie, Will, Ian


Leon has changed his mind about selling the projector, so he is keeping it, but it is
still available to us free of charge. This will require coordin
ation with him when we
want to use it.

share workshops

Jessie is close to announcing a new round of workshops, to include chicken
bread baking, carbon footprinting, wild food foraging, and wine making. Bookings
seem to be increasing gradual
ly and most workshops in the current series have been
fully booked, or nearly fully booked.


Anne and Steph have agreed to carry on holding these once a month, on a Tuesday, at
Anne’s house. Anne to advise which Tuesday so that it can be put on the

website and


We now have a facility to send out a newsletter from the website, and can transfer our
mailing list to the newsletter list. This would be administratively easier than the
present emailing system, but the newsletter can only
be in plain text, which doesn’t
look very attractive. It was decided to carry on with the present emailing system for
the time being.

There is at present no facility for searchable databases within Drupal (the website
software we are using), but we don’t
need one urgently and Robert has offered to
develop something for us. As Drupal is open source and constantly being developed
by volunteers, new features such as improved mailing lists and searchable databases
may come available in future.

Homes Working

The Eco
Homes Open Day (12
13 Sept) has four homes participating so far, and there
may be several public buildings as well.

The group is also trying to organise a visit by Nick Parsons to several representative
homes in Chesterfield to offer advice
on retrofitting and improving efficiency, in the
hopes that this information would be useful to more people. This would be captured
on video if possible.

The group would also like to arrange a one
day visit to the South Yorkshire Energy
Centre and Heeley
City Farm.

The lightbulb library and energy monitor loan scheme seem to be running smoothly. It
was suggested that as some people sign up for these services without being Transition
members, we should try to ‘hook’ them and make sure they know about other
Transition activities. It was suggested that the Sewing group do logo’d bags for the
energy monitors, and that both the monitors and lightbulbs should go out with
Transition leaflets.

Renewable Energy Working Group

Ian is canvassing members to find a work
able date for the first meeting. Anne will
send this invitation out to the whole group. Ian’s hope is to conduct a survey of the
whole borough to find out suitable locations for viable renewable energy installations,
and then to form a Community Interest C
ompany to set up, finance and own the
renewable installations. Profits from the first project could help to finance the second
project, and so on.

Food Working Group

Anne provided a copy of the ‘Guide to Green Businesses in the Peak District’, which
can s
erve as a start to the local food directory.

The Harvest Swap will be held at Hunloke, on 5


The Festival of Fruit can take place in Queen’s Park free of charge, although
marquees will have to be obtained. It was decided that 18

October is
probably the
best date, but we need to avoid clashes with apple days in the neighbourhood:
Scarthin Books, Linacre Reservoir, Derby, Sheffield, Matlock.

Anne’s email to the mailing list about allotments got only one reply, so it was
suggested that she res
end but make it simpler and easier to respond to.

Jessie and Ian to give Anne contacts for volunteers who may be able to help create a
map of allotments. Bill to give reference to Council map that has this information.

Age of Stupid

The Quakers are stil
l waiting to hear from the Zero Carbon Caravan about the
possibility of a screening fee in the neighbourhood of £50, as opposed to the £125 it
would cost through Indie Screenings. The Quakers figure they could get only about 20
people to attend, so recoupi
ng £125 would be difficult. It was decided that this was no
longer an urgent issue, so we can wait for a while. Ian will talk to the Pomegranate,
Bill will ask Cineworld if they have any plans to show it, and Bill will also investigate
the Hasland Playhous
e. If we decide to go for the house
house option (having
screenings in individual’s homes at £35 or less per screening), we can try to work
with neighbouring Transition movements or other organisations locally (such as the
Quakers) to increase the numbe
r of screenings.

Inkerman Buzz

This will be on the 18

of July, and will include a wide variety of stalls and activities
on a health and sustainability theme. The Walton and West Community Forum is
providing the majority of funding, and the event is join
tly organised by the Forum,
Cycle Campaign, Friends of the Inkerman, and Transition Chesterfield. Additional
funding is hopefully being provided by the PCT and DCC Community Leadership
fund. Transition itself is not financially liable for anything except b
unting, which will
be provided by Anne and the Sewing Group, and volunteers to help with organisation.

We will have a stall, which it was decided should be based on a combination of the
skill shares workshops we’ve run. Jessie to email everyone asking for
volunteers for
the stall and the wider event. An organisation meeting for volunteers will be held on

July at 7.30pm at Jessie’s house. Volunteers will be given a large cloth “T” shape
(courtesy of the sewing group) to sew onto a shirt of their choice
as a uniform.

Transport Working Group

Transition Buxton is organising a treasure hunt based on public transportation, partly
sponsored by the County Council. Jessie to suggest this to Paula as a project that the
Transport Group could get working on. Paul
a has started holding weekly meetings on
Tuesday mornings.

Local Development Framework

The Chesterfield Local Development Framework will be published for consultation
on 25 June. The consultation deadline is 9 August. Bill will work on a draft response,
nd liase with the Cycle Campaign.

Date of next meeting
: 9

July, Jessie’s house, 7.30pm.