Darwin College Computer Committee Minutes

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Darwin College Computer Committee


Meeting date:

Wednesday 31 October 2012


Alan Blackwell (chair), Akin Ali, Helen Foord, Espen Koht, Terry Moore, Andy Pitts

declarations of interest

were recorded


Niall Murphy, Carl Rasmu

710. Minutes of the last meeting were approved

Matters arising: Study Centre card access is now operational. Thanks to EK for smooth introduction.


appointment of a professional webmaster to complete

and maintain Drupal site

Although dev
elopment of a Drupal
based site design 12 months ago should have allowed individual college
departments to update the website directly, it has become clear that final switch
over to this design, plus
development of further Drupal modules for college
ic functions, and long
term maintenance of Drupal
updates, will require a part
time professional appointment. This results from the need for concentrated
periods of technical work, and maintenance of technical and procedural knowledge over a span of severa

neither of which fit well with availability of student webmasters. The committee suggest that a part
time post be created, reporting to the Domestic Bursar.

The committee agreed that use of student webmasters will continue to be beneficial, espec
ially to assist
college staff in learning to update information on specific department pages.


to estimate costs based on latest quotation from SlashZero;


to raise initial discussion at finance committee

istribution and update
of depar
tment policy documents

Some difficulties have become apparent, in departments where policy documents are prepared in paper form,
then distributed both as online web pages, and paper versions of the same information (differently formatted,
and liable to fal
l out of step). The committee agreed that the Domestic Bursar should be invited to attend
future meetings, in order to address consistency between web and paper documents across departments.

Review of Information Architect office

This post was origina
lly created to provide long
term overview of web strategy, integration of college
information processes, and

engagement with University software projects such as CamSIS. The two previous
items suggest alternative lines of responsibility for the first two o
f these. Now that CamSIS development is
complete, there has been no further activity on the remaining task over the past 2 years. The committee
agreed that it would be useful to review the need for a college office of Information Architect.

. DCSA commu
nications status

AA noted that use of Facebook for DCSA activity continues to increase, but is being managed successfully.

. Computing facilities status

Network access to houses off Barton Rd is being coordinated with 4 other colleges having accommodati
on in
that area, assisted by matching funds from the University.

A colour printer has been identified for deployment in the study centre.

Payment for photocopying via college accounts is to be introduced, preceded by testing in staff copying.

Date of next

6 February 2013

Alan Blackwell

5 December 2013