An Initial List of Canadian Online Social Economy Organizations

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An Initial List of
Canadian Online Social Economy

Prepared by Sherida Ryan;

807 Northwest Network

Northwestern Ontario broadband network working to provide broadband
infrastructure in support of

community economic development.

Ability Online

A monitored, free, online community for young people with disabilities and illnesses.

Aboriginal Youth Network 2.0

Online network for Aboriginal yo
uth to share information resources and culture

Access to Justice Network (Canada


Funded by the Alberta Law Foundation, this online, interactive resource centre
provides information on Canadian law, pub
lic legal education, legal news and law
related services.

Action Canada

Human rights advocacy organization that promotes progressive international
development policies focusing
on reproductive and sexual rights

and health.

AlphaPlus Centre

A knowledge
based Centre of Excellence for resources, standards and innovative use
of technology in adult basic education.


Managed by AlphaPlus,
AlphaRoute is an adult literacy online learning environment
developed for the Deaf, Native, Francophone, and Anglophone streams of the
Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program.


Online organization that facilita
tes the social and community integration of gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth


Project that uses art media and technology to encourage young people to become
active in their communities and in
the demographic process.

Association for Progressive Communications

International network of civil society organizations dedicated to empowering and
supporting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights,

development and
protection of the environment, through the strategic use of information and
communication technologies.

Association for Women's Rights in Development

International membership organization that connects and mobilizes
people dedicated
to gender equality and women’s human rights.

Bioline International

A nonprofit electronic publishing service providing open access to quality research
journals published in developing countries.

Brant FreeNet

Provides Internet services for individual customers and for the local community in
general. Free membership for nonprofits.

Canadian Child Care Federation


National network of early education

and childcare organizations.

Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action



research institute

which provides tools to facilitate organizations taking action to
advance social justice and equality for a
ll women.

Canadian Online Firearm Community

Provides online forums for Canadian firearm enthusiasts

Canadian Poetry Association

Promotes reading, writing, publishing and pres
erving the work of Canadian poets and
provides an online environment for communication among poets, publishers and the

Canadian Women’s Health Network

Website of voluntary national organization that is a resource c
entre for women’s

Canadian Women's Virtual Information Centre

A feminist web site that provides information and resources to help women take
charge of their lives


ortal offering artists a free online environment to exhibit their art


Interactive online source of information and support for Kin caregiver families who
raise grandchildren

Charity Village


The leading online source of information, news, jobs, services and resources for the
Canadian nonprofit community.


An interactive platform for social change using films, photography, articles, b
logs and

CLEONet (Community Legal Education Ontario)

A resource for community workers and advocates who work with low
disadvantaged communities in order that they may understand and exercise their
human rights



A portal to independent news media affiliated with the Centre for Information

Sharing Constellation

A network of nonprofit agencies that share w
based information and resources
related to the community
based employment and training sector


Online community for women and girls to share their stories, hopes and dreams


A national network of co
operative developers, and an on

clearinghouse of
information, tools and resources.

DAWN Ontario

A virtual, volunteer driven, cross
disAbility feminist organization that advocates for
, equality and human rights for disabled women through education, research,
advocacy and coalition building.


Charitable organization that helps individuals set and achieve goals, which change the



A web based resource centre for people living with disability. Includes information,
resources and classifieds for this community

Five Limes


Online community that acts as a resource for inf
ormation about eco
friendly, socially
responsible products and services.


An internet based resource center that links public health units other organizations
involved in food security in Ontario.

Foundation to Ass
ist Canadian Talent on Records

Private nonprofit organization dedicated to the growth and development of the
Canadian independent recording industry.


An online networ
k for people who wish to recycle their possessions free, instead of
donating them to landfills.

Gifted Girls

Nonprofit organization that encourages gifted girls to realize their talents. Provides
online information for gifted
girls, their families and educators.


Interactive online fundraising site that willfully exploits the power of 21st century
technology to mobilize the generosity of people all over the world.


Citizens for Change

An online initiative of a coalition of Canadian international voluntary cooperation
agencies to help people find facts, news, resources and tools to get involved in the
fight against poverty.


Provides tips, ideas, resources and trends to help people live a more environmentally
responsible life.

Groups Drupal Toronto

Online organizing space for Toronto
based Drupal (open s
ource software) practioners

Wentworth Community Network

Nonprofit organization facilitating local community to participate effectively and
equitably in the global Internet community.

Indigenous Cooperative on
the environment

Provides information, technical assistance and traditional knowledge to advance the
vision of building, healthy and sustainable Aboriginal communities

International Freedom of Expression Exchange


IFEX is made up of organisations that monitor and report free expression abuses in
their geographic region or area of expertise and mobilize rapid, worldwide and
coordinated response to press freedom and freedom of expression violations.

iPinoy F
Canadian Online Community

Online community for

in Canada


Kuhkenah Network (K
Net) is an information and communication initiative of
Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KO) that provides telecommunication inf
services, training and support to remote native communities.

Mind Your Mind

Multimedia interactive website to help young people to manage stress, crisis and
mental health problems

National Capital Free

Member owned nonprofit committed to support people of Canada's national capital
region in achieving the benefits of the internet.

Canadian online source of information on the nonprofit

and voluntary sector. In the
process of developing an interactive knowledgebase for practioners

Ontario Project for Inter
Clinic Community Organizing

Organization for
legal clinic staff, board members or clinic delegates

to addres
community development needs

Ontario Women’s Health Network

A provincial nonprofit that advocates for women’s equitable access to effective health
resources and services. OWHN publishes a weekly E
Digest and a quarterly E
Bulletin and has created a regularly updated internet directory of Ontario women’s
services and programs.

Ontario Women’s Justice Network

nline legal resource for women's organizations and individuals working on issues
related to j
ustice and violence against women and children.

Pilar Voluntary Sector Network

A community owned and driven organization created to promote and unite the
voluntary sector.

Quakers Online


online community for Quackers

A nonprofit progressive, multimedia, interactive news site.

Running Mania

Interactive online forum and resource site for Canada’s running community


Online forum for seniors to exchange ideas, take courses and share their experience


A Canadian nonprofit that works to provide online information and resources to
abused women and
to the shelters that support them. Connects women to local
shelters and supports shelters in expanding their online presence

Straight Goods

Independent online news magazine whose purpose is to help Canadians save mo
protect their rights and untangle spin with investigative reports


An interactive online community that connects youth who are interested in taking
action in their local and global communities


Collaborative online workspace for young Canadian artists

The Bubble

A directory and a clearinghouse for ethical businesses

The Canadian Cultural Management Network


A network of organizations and individuals utilizing web
based services

leadership in cultural management education and research.

The Centre for Information Awareness

A nonprofit
organization committed to raising awareness of world events and
situations by providing free access to reporting and promoting alternative channels of

The Communication Initiative

nline space for sharing t
he experiences of, and building bridges between, the people
and organi
ations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy
for economic and social development and change.

The Tyee

British Columbia independent altern
ative daily online newspaper.

Toronto Free

driven, community
based, information utility that links community
residents to government, health, social service and commercial providers.



A directory of innovative businesses that support the health of their community,
workers, and the environment. Allows purchasers to put their money where their
values are

Toronto Social Purchasing Portal

A w
based, business
business database that facilitates relationships between
purchasers and suppliers. Allows corporations to purchase goods and services from
vendors who provide added social value to their community. Similar enterprises in
Vancouver, Ma
nitoba, Calgary, Victoria, etc.

Total Nonprofit Resources (managed by Volunteer Hamilton)

A site dedicated to assist both staff and volunteers working for small to medium
voluntary sector organization
s in accessing the resources they require to effectively
manage their organizations

Virtual Mall Canada

Showcase of web sites designed by Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, who are selling
products and services produced by Canadi
an businesses from their local communities.

Web Networks

Provides website services to socially committed organizations.


Nonprofit group working to bringing no
fee wireless Int
ernet access to Toronto.


Nonprofit that promotes women’s active participation in information and
communication technology.


A nonprofit portal for green products, events, and new
s. Provides a way to determine
an individual’s or an organizational environmental footprint and an opportunity for
social networking with other like
minded people.