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Name: Madan Pun


This project helped me a great deal in learning the client
server interface in Web Application
using the Java in Eclipse IDE.
The project was a continuation of what we did in Project #1. The only
difference is that

the first project helps you to feel the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) using
the Eclipse and modifying the source code from simple C programming to Java. The
re are other IDE
software applications such as NetBeans but we use Eclipse in our project. In the Project #2, we actually
create the web app via the Google App Engine to display as what the users would see in the front end
(web browsers such as Mozilla Fir
efox, Google Chrome).

The project also was worthwhile in learning so many tools that was embedded within the Eclipse

such as HTML, CSS, XML, GWT app, Google App Engine, Google Code to name the few.
I was able to go through each of these tools

to get myself familiar for the project. I also learned that by
creating the Client and Server code separately, we could actually make them talk (exchange interaction)
and pass on the value that is supplied by the user in the front end. Then the client cod
e calls the server to
read the input and returns the output as vice
versa. This is the first experience as a novice Java developer
to get a firsthand experience in this project.

Maintaining code is the major part of the software maintainability that we lea
rned in the class.
Through this project, I got a practical knowledge why clearly maintaining code and add comments for
other users/developers to be reused is very important. Source code has to be plain simple and
understandable. Through this project, I got

a clear idea of mentioning everything, for example, explain the
method and tell what it does.

The hardest part in this project was how to make connection between the client side and server
side. At first, I was randomly writing code and there was no clear

direction. After asking my professor, I
found out that it is very important to pass the data that is being read by server and transferring back to the
client as an output. This was indeed the hardest part of the project #2.

In order to accommodate my web
application to properly working from the original source code, I
had change my server side of the code named

because this was where the
logic was supposed to be changed. My initial problem was where to put my logic meaning the

or loop

to check the stuttered words. For that I created a private method called


and put my all
logic in one group so that any input that user inputs via the client side is sent to server side for the text to
be evaluated and in return for
the output in the front end. It was very complicated for me to make it work
because before this project, all the work I have done as per the programming language was just the one
sided meaning (the back
end) and after multiple tries I was able to connect b
oth ends of the application.
Also, the other problem I had was that since I derived the basic format of the Stutter application from the
Google Starter Project page, I hadn’t necessarily changed all the text names. For example, instead of
changing my


, it was same as what it was originally i.e.


. As I was unable to
find bugs in the program and since Quick Fix of the eclipse didn’t help me a lot, I had to go code
just to find out that it was a silly mistake. Further, the l
to split the text into a new line was as
explained in the hand
out of project i.e. “

I did multiple test of my Stutter web application to check it is working perfectly meeting all the
quirements. I followed the requirements specification one by o
ne. First, I checked for the number of
characters entered. Then, I checked for whether it can identify any repeated words. After that, I checked
for whether it splits the words or not. After that I checked for the large amount of input. Then, I checked
ether it would display the correct output or not. After that I checked for whether it does a page break
when showing the message or not. After all the requirements were met, I was satisfied with the testing of
my web application.

The user interface would h
ave been better improved by adding the reset button to clear all data so
that the users don’t have to highlight what they have typed and delete them. Also, we could have make it
look nice by adding some logo to it. Further, we could add a description to th
e application so that user
would know what the functionality of the web application is. Last but not least, we could have just
replaced all the output message by simple heading that the users can understand or relate to.