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The closeness of agreement between independent
results with the same method on identical test material

but under different lab’s, apparatus, conditions,
operators and/or different intervals of time.

Repeatability is a measure of the variability of a
single response within a single laboratory.

Reproducibility measures the variability of same
response across different laboratories.

Replication means that other researchers in other
settings with different samples attempt to reproduce
the research as closely as possible.

Reliability is the stability of a set of observations
generated by an indicator under fixed set of
conditions, regardless who collects the observations
or when or where they are collected

To investigate the extent to which key dimensions of
software projects and products are reproduced.

What dimensions to measure reproducibility?

What is the best way to measure them?

What values indicate low, medium, high

Coefficient of Variation:


Reproducibility = 1/

81 Norwegian and international software
consultation companies: the specification

of requirements , Java programming and minimum
size of the company

35 companies provided bids

4 companies were selected to develop individual

Contractor Related costs

Actual Lead time

Schedule Overrun







A set of software providers that similar project and
product outcomes.

If a random set of providers produce same results.

If dissimilar providers produce similar results.

If different types of providers produce different
results that can be predicted from differences among
the providers

Methodological : The measurement framework of
entire cycle of a project and multifaceted

Scientific: Better understanding of Reproducibility
in software productions that should provide the
basis for SE methods, tools and studies.

Practical: Descriptions of detailed scenarios of what
can be expected in a software contracting context
and how to use software bids to anticipate project

Construct Validity

How accurately the values of the variables

are measured

How different values are aggregated to
measure the dimensions of software

How well those dimensions represent the
constructs that they suspend to

Internal Validity

Variation in skills

Development Tools

External Validity

No previous Business or personal Relationships

External Consultant

Higher Reproducibility for Usability

9 Companies developed same system to investigate
the three development platforms


cost based model

Analogy based Estimation
use the cost model of
completed similar projects

More companies and investigate different contexts
of software production.

Maintenance Phase should be that would complete
the picture of the entire life cycle.

Outsource the participation in studies to
professionals in countries with lower costs.

Deep and detailed understanding of the relationships
is absent.

Investigate only isolated aspects of software
production ,that does not capture how software
works in real practice.

Effort was put into the conceptual definitions and

of fundamental SE terms.