Intelligent Production Control

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Intelligent Production Control

Scientific Methods and Research

Information technology has achieved a leading role in the development of many
technology sectors. Production is no exception. Solutions developed within
information technology have proven usab
le and applicable in production control

At the same time, expectations and requirements for production control have
increased, and there is a growing need for new methods and algorithms that go
beyond traditional feedback control. Intelligent Aut
omation requires the
replacement of deterministic control sequences by a common negotiation
scheme and individual decision algorithms.

Within IPC project, a simulation system will be developed in the satellite
Engineering Platform for modelling industrial
architectures supplied by the
satellite Industrial Application, but here negotiation and decision
making will be
empty shells.

As knowledge on principles on these techniques, presumably mathematical, is
very underdeveloped and application experience in ter
ms of controllability of
these algorithms is not available yet, the satellite Scientific Methods and
Research is intended to fill these shells.

Probably, many of the so
called soft computing methods, e.g. neural networks,
fuzzy logic, and genetic algorith
ms, can be exploited in increasing the
performance and accuracy of control and in predicting failures or disturbances
in processes, machines, or devices.

The proposed activities of Scientific Methods and Research are:

research in the principles of negoti
ation and decision
making to control
physical equipment

select and develop suitable algorithms according to the architectural and
operational requirements of Industrial Applications satellite

adapt and integrate the algorithms in the Engineering Platform

research and report in respect to systems behaviour and performance.

Francisco Restivo