ME10001 Mechanics (3 - 1 - 0 : 4 Credits)


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ME10001 Mechanics (3 _ 1 _ 0 : 4 Credits)

1. Force system: Moment of a force about a point and about an axis; couple
moment; reduction of a force system to a force and a couple.
2. Equilibrium : Free body diagram; equations of equilibrium; problems of two
and three dimensions; plane frames and trusses.
3. Friction : Laws of Coulomb friction., problems involving small and large
contact surfaces; square threaded screws; belt friction; rolling resistance.
4. Properties of areas : First and second moment of areas. product of inertia.
polar moment of inertia
5. Concept of stress and strain : Normal stress and shear stress, state of
stress at a point, ultimate strength, allowable stress and factor of safety; normal
strain and shear strain, generalized Hooke’s law; Deflection of axially loaded
members. Thin walled pressure vessels
6. Transformation of stress and strain : Transformation equations. principal
stresses and strains, Mohr’s circle for stress and strain.
7. Torsion : Free body diagram of cylindrical bars in torsion. Analysis of
cylindrical bars in torsion.
8. Flexural loading : Bending moment and shear force diagrams. Bending
stresses in beams, shear stresses in beams. Differential equation of the elastic
curve. deflection of beams. ( only integration method)
9. Combined loading : Combination of axial, bending shear and torsion load on
machine members.

Text Book:
Vector Mechanics for Engineers, F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston, Tata
McGraw-Hill (7

Reference books ;
Engineering Mechanics, Irving H. Shames, Prentice Hall of India
Engineering Mechanics, J.L. Meriam and L.G. Kraige, John Wiley and Sons

Text Book :
Engineering Mechanics of Solids, E.P. Popov

Reference books:
Mechanics of materials, F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston
Mechanics of materials, Timoshenko and Gere
Introduction to solid mechanics, Irving H. Shames
Strength of materials, William A Nash
Elements of strength of materials, Timoshenko and Young