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WebForm Integration
Effective lead generation mechanism through an automated import

Global leader in providing Web CRM solutions with
more than two decades of industry experience

Catering several thousands of customers across
major continents of the world

Architecture was based on dated technologies and
competitiveness was a constraint considering the
growing market demand

Design architecture and integrate web form

Embed easy to use controls, assisting non
technical users to design and publish their
own forms

Make integration compatible with all
WhiteHedge Solution

Web form API to generate and incorporate web forms in a website

EXT JS library to help achieve cross domain data submission without redirection

Incorporation of the best Web 2.0 features to enhance UI

Domain specific data source-JSON for fast, compact and convenient serialization of information

Superior integration procedure causing data entered on web form to be directly added as a Lead in

Multiple features Webform properties, List of webfields included for efficient operational use

WebForm Integration
Value Addition

Time conserving, cost effective, accurate
transmission of lead for auto assignment

Automate report generator ensuring Business
Managers track lead database

Managing leads effectively and respond to
potential enquiries in real time

Powerful marketing tool to boost sales and
drive growth.
Technology Enhancements

Java JDK 1.6, EJB, Struts, JSP, AJAX,

Java Web Services Axis 2, Tomcat 6,
Apache 2.2.9 and JBoss

Database MySQL 5.1

Tools JMeter, ExtJS 2.2, JasperReport 3,
Ant 1.7, MagicDraw 7, JUnit, , SOS 4.1,
WhiteHedge offered solution was a dream come
true for the customer by offering innovative
architecture designs, enhanced UI meeting the
Web 2.0 standards for better user experience
and a low cost advantage. WhiteHedge enabled
the customers to assess feasibility before both
parties committed to a long term engagement.