Total Business Management Software for today's KBB Industry


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Business Management Software for today’s KBB Industry

Developed by a team of professionals from
the Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom
and IT industries, easyquote was the first dedicated Business Management Software
solution for the KBB market and h
as become the leading provider to the industry with
1 in 5 retailers or manufacturers using the software.

Uniquely t
he software has been written with the sole aim of providing retailers and
manufacturers with a business management tool that is affordable,

flexible but above
all tailored to their specific requirements and is continually developed by direct feed
back from its customers.

With support from more than 300 industry manufacturers and distributors, easyquote
now features in excess of 12 million pr
oducts and prices. On average 10 new
catalogues are added electronically every day, continually building on the 3,000
already created.

In 2008 easyquote became a Sage Development Centre, enabling integration with
the world’s most popular accounting syste


easyquote offers a
seamless link
with the leading KBB design and visualisation systems, including
ArtiCAD, Planit Fusion, 20
20 Technologies, Compusoft, Kitchen Draw, Logicom
Virtual World, and Autokitchen.

The major CAD companies, distrib
utors and manufacturers have long supported and
contributed to the development of the easyquote software, all sharing the view that
the industry needed a tool that supported the retailer and enabled them to manage
their business more effectively and ultima
tely, more profitably.

Training is vital to the successful implementation of any software and every
easyquote system sold includes either a classroom or on
site training session. It
takes just one day to be up and running

producing quotations, sales or
purchase orders, delivery notes and much more. To support the training each
easyquote system comes with a comprehensive user manual along with context
sensitive help within the software and all supported users have access to the
extensive training
material available from the website.

The easyquote system has many
product features to suit all types of
businesses, some of which are listed below.

easyquote Dashboard

Designed to be used by owners and managers alike. This powerful tool

be easily configured to

instant analysis of quotations, sales orders,
deliveries, payments, profit margins, purchase orders, supplier
deliveries, sales pipeline and stock. Results can be drilled down from tot
profit margin for any per
iod to an

individual salesperson's p


orders and can be viewed in full colour.


More and more retailers are involved with complex installations that

wide variety of products, suppliers and resour
ces. Management of these
projects is time consuming and prone to mistakes. Using standard project
management techniques easyquote

Resource Planner allows you to visually
schedule your installers, subcontractors and deliveries as orders are
processed. Ea
ch job is then entered onto a schedule showing all available
resources and any current commitments. Detailed information

such as

standard working hours, holidays or other commitments


shown on the

easyquote Contracts

This module is designed speci
fically for retailers and manufacturers selling to
the contract and social housing sectors. Distinct business rules can be
applied to each site or builder, including product margins, discounts and
specification restrictions. Each site is then built up of
individual house type or
plot quotations. This information is used to produce stunning quotations,
automatically re
pricing in up to eight different price groups.

To find out more about
software or to book a free demonstration, please
contact t
he sales team on 01827 300420 or visit www.easyquote


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