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Market Research

Our app

Our APP designed to help people not forget items when they go to the supermarket. It works like
this; when you have finished an item at home, you can scan the barcode and it will automatically
save to a shopping list on your
android device. Once you have a shopping list, you can go to the
shops and see what items you need to buy on your way round. As you are getting the items into your
, next to each item on the list is a tick box which enables you to see which i
tems you
have by ticking them off once collected. At the end of the shop you have the option to delete the
selected items (the ones you have been able to buy), whilst items you haven’t been able to get will
remain there until your next shop or you chose to

delete them!

Our app is different from any other app because it has the quality of having a tick box next to each
item on your shopping list. This is described in more detail in the highlight part of the paragraph

Shopping list Apps

(rival apps)


Shopping list" is application aimed at helping you organize and manage your shopping lists or
grocery list from your phone. Add new items you need to buy,
set quantity
, categories (aisles) to
item and lists. You can even add a picture to items you
need to buy!

Permission to write to SD card used to allow you to
write your backups of data you enter in the Shopping

Synchronize your Shopping list with another person. Let
one person enter shopping items on one phone, and
see them appear on anoth
er one! Coordinated shopping at its peak!


Our app is different as it includes a tick list

Out of milk shopping list

Shopping List, Pantry List & To
Do List in a small, intuitive and easy
use app. With Out of Milk,


Shopping List stays with you everywhere
you go and you'll have it on
hand once you're
ready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List
allows you keep track of your pantry items
(spices, essentials, etc...) so that you always
know what you have at home. The
Do list
helps you keep track of any other items on your
daily list.


This app is tracking what you do at home where as our app tells you what food you are
missing from your home. Our app will also include a bar scanner and tick list.

Mighty grocery shop
ping lite

Just like the usual grocery app, the Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite records a list of groceries right on
your Android device. What makes this app stand out is its smart voice recognition feature. You can
access this feature by tapping the micropho
ne icon on top. The app worked flawlessly as I dictated
my grocery items one by one.

The app can also identify the item’s quantity and
price such as “5 carrots” or “300 g of meat”. You
can also add multiple items at the same time.
Just make sure to separat
e each item with “and”
for improved results. Your voice quality and
English accent may also affect the app’s voice
recognition results.


Our app definitely has variations from this we use a bar scanner instead of a voice tool. I
think that a bar scanner is
better however as it is not likely to make mistakes. Whereas a
voice recognitions feature can easily mishear what you say be more unreliable.

Shopping list

Before going to the grocery, it is very important to list the things you need to buy. You don’t want to
end up purchasing goods in the grocery and later realize that you forgot an item or two. Making a list
can also help you sort out and prioritize the ite
ms you need to buy. If you want a simple app that
lists your groceries, you can download the
Shopping List

app on your Android device.

Although it doesn’t have
complicated features, this
app can allure users with its easy interface. The
app features a pocket notebook design, which
makes it look like your virtual pocket notebook on
your Android device.

The app can let you add items on the list in three
different w
ays: manually typing a product, speaking to the phone, or scanning the product’s

The app allows you to add a barcode for each item. Doing so will allow you to scan an item
and instantly add it on your list.

You can also highlight important items
You do that by tapping on an item and selecting
Mark Out.
scratch off an item from the list, just tap and hold on the item. You can also sort and rearrange the
items on your list.


Our app is more focused on having a tick box system which enables you to
keep certain food
on your shopping for next time. This is especially handy if you know that there are some
items (e.g. milk) that you buy regularly and every time you visit the shops.