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Alexander P.

D.Sc, Ph.D, Leading Research

Institute of Mechanics

Moscow State Lomonosov

Michurinsky pr. 1, 119192 Moscow,

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My field of specialization are Stability Theory, Parametric Resonance, Gyroscopic
Stabilization, Mechanics of Solids, Structural Optimization, Singularities and Bifurcations.

Current research interests and selected references:

Multiparameter s
tability theory with mechanical applications

book [
Seyranian and Mailybaev 2003

Parametric resonance

Gyroscopic stabilizatoin

Mechanics of solids and structural optimization

Singularities and bif

Collaboration with

Technical University of Denmark

Aalborg University, Denmark

Department of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, China

Technical University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

Institute of Engineering Mechan
ics and Systems, University of Tsukuba, Japan

University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series A


Vol. 13



Alexander P. Seyranian


Alexei A. Mailybaev

(Moscow State Lomonosov University, Russia)

World Scientific, Singapore, 2003

xvi+403 pp.

5 (US$86.00,£64.00)


This book deals with fundamental problems,
concepts, and methods of multiparameter stability
ry with applications in mechanics. It presents
recent achievements and knowledge of
bifurcation theory, sensitivity analysis of stability
characteristics, general aspects of
nonconservative stability problems, analysis of
singularities of boundaries for th
e stability
domains, stability analysis of multiparameter
linear periodic systems, and optimization of
structures under stability constraints. Systems
with finite degrees of freedom and with
continuous models are both considered. The book
combines mathemat
ical foundation with
interesting classical and modern mechanical

A number of mechanical problems illustrating
how bifurcations and singularities change the
behavior of systems and lead to new physical
phenomena are discussed. Among these
, the authors consider systems of
rotating bodies, tubes conveying fluid, elastic
columns under the action of periodic and follower
forces, optimization problems for conservative
systems, etc. The methods presented are
constructive and easy to implement in



Introduction to Stability Theory

Bifurcation Analysis of Eigenvalues

Stability Boundary of General System Dependent on Parameters

cation Analysis of Roots and Stability of Characteristic Polynomial Dependent on Parameters

Vibrations and Stability of Conservative System

Gyroscopic Stabilization

Linear Hamiltonian Systems

Mechanical Effects Associated with Bifurcations and Singular

Stability of Periodic Systems Dependent on Parameters

Stability Boundary of General Periodic System

Instability Domains of Oscillatory System with Small Parametric Excitation and Damping

Stability Domains of Non
Conservative System under Small Pa
rametric Excitation


This book is addressed to graduate students, academics, researchers and practitioners in aerospace, naval,
civil and mechanical engineering. No special background is needed; just a basic knowledge of mathematics
and mechanic

Book reviews

"The book is an excellent and most valuable contribution, which I warmly recommend to graduate students
and university professors, as well as to researchers and industrial engineers interested in multiparameter
stability theory and its
applications in mechanics. I expect that this book will serve as an inspiration for
studies of new problems, effects, and phenomena associated with instabilities, and that it will provide a new
entry to classical problems as well."
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"... it is a very important and high
quality book. It represents a major contribution to the multi
bifurcation the
ory of eigenvalues. Since Bolotin's pioneering book on nonconservation problems on the
theory of elastic stability, not many books appeared at such a high level, such as this one. It beautifully
summarizes the results of the authors' investigations perform
ed for decades. The authors successfully
analyze singularities of stability boundaries and provide consistent and in
depth descriptions of several most
interesting mechanical effects. These include gyroscopic stabilization, instability transfer between the

eigenvalue branches, paradox of destabilization by a small damping, disappearance of flutter instability,
parametric resonance in periodically excited systems, to name a few."
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“This book is highly recommended for researchers involved in the stability investigation of physical systems,
because it explains the theory from the basic facts up to a sophisticated level.”
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“The material covered in the book could be used as a basis for a graduate course in mechanical, aerospace
or civil engineering, as well as in
applied mathematics courses on stability. Researchers in those fields will
also find this book an important addition to the existing literature. To all those the book is warmly
recommended. It is my opinion that it will become a classic in the field.”
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Professor Niels Olhoff

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Professor Isaac Elishakoff


Professor Alois Steindl

Zentralblatt MATH

Professor Teodor M Atanackovic

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

“This book succeeds in bringing qualitative results of the famous Russian school of applied mathematics

stability theory, making these results quantitative and applicable ... applications play a major role in this
book. This feature makes it of great value, especially for graduate students and engineers ... Without
hesitation I can warmly recommend the b

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“This book reviewed is an excellent representative both of the mathematical outlook just described and of
the close R
style interaction between abstract geometrical thinking and specific engineering
applications ... The text is clearly written and the mathematics attractively set out with plenty of clear and
instructive diagrams: an enjoyable book to read.”
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Professor Wolfhard Kliem

Mathematical Reviews

Professor D.R.J.Chillingworth

Journal of Sound and Vibration