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Akshaya Bhargava

For V.P. Of Marketing

Objectives and Vision for
MBA club

overall recognition
for the program

the communication for the club

the core competency of
members in marketing of high tech

My plan of action

Improve recognition by improving the digital footprint of the

Create a separate blog space for MS MBA and blog

Leverage search engine optimization techniques to
improve hit count on the program web site


analytics reports to identify user
behavior on the MS MBA web site and optimize the site

Conduct webinars with participants across the globe

Work with marketing agencies to build rich interactive
marketing collateral to be put on MS MBA website

An Introduction

I worked as a Project Manager with HCL Technologies, Ltd
before joining BUMBA

My client was Microsoft and I was working at their
Redmond Campus. This gave me an opportunity to
interact with many BU MBA alumni within Microsoft,
and learn about their experiences at BU, this
interaction helped cement the decision to join BU.

I have a passion for Product Marketing and Management
and my dream is to become a Product Manager within
software industry,

I am currently working as a Product Marketing
Intern with a Wealth Management Software
up in Connecticut. I am helping the firm in
launching their product .

During this internship I learnt how to formulate effective
marketing strategies, work with design firms to build
collateral ,generate word
mouth using webinars and
effective digital marketing strategies. I plan to bring
these learning to my role as VP Of Marketing and help
improve the overall recognition of the program.

Akshaya Bhargava

For V.P. Of Marketing