IT1010 Information Research Skills

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IT1010 Information Research Skills

Objective: Use Internet Search Engines to
Conduct Effective Research

Unit A:

Introduction to
Search Engines

Unit Introduction

Search Engines

Search Engines

Specialized Databases

Search Engines

Designed to search for information on
the web

3 operations

Web crawling : computer program that
browses the web and collects web pages

Indexing : stores

web pages

to facilitate
fast and accurate retrieval

Searching : the key word(s) [“query”]
entered by the user into the search

Search Engines

Send query to several search
engines and aggregate the results
into a single display

Best for general queries

Use individual search engines for
most precise results since

search algorithm may hide
some significant results

Search Engines

Learn More

Comprehensive list of search engines
described and categorized by type:

Search Engine Optimization and Web
Marketing professionals discuss new
search engine features:

Specialized Databases

Collections on particular subjects, such
as: medical journal article abstracts
and citations, company financial data,
United States Supreme Court
decisions, census data, patents, or
other subjects

All search results apply to the
particular subject eliminating some of
the noise from typical search engines

Specialized Databases

CNM Library

Access on campus

Go to CNM home page

Click Current Students

Click Libraries

Click Databases link

Choose a topic to see
available materials

Access off campus

Go to CNM home page



Log in to

Click Students tab

At bottom of page, click
button Search the

Choose a topic to see
available materials

Other Specialized Databases

Internet Public Library

Library Spot

Practice Research Activity

Use Google and CNM consumer
health subscription database to
search for ‘steroids’ using this link:

Compare the wide
ranging results of
Google versus the subscription
database results

Practice Research Activity

Use Google and CNM databases to
search and compare the results of
additional topics, such as global
warming and free trade

Choose your own research topics

Remember that new publications
appear frequently, so search results
will vary over time