Compression Couplings with Stainless-Steel Gasket Protectors

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Effective July 15, 2002
Compression Couplings with
Stainless-Steel Gasket Protectors
©2002 Morris Coupling Company Printed in U.S.A.
You can eliminate costly downtime and replacement
of coupling gaskets in your vacuum conveying system.
Morris Gasket Protectors provide positive gasket protection
against abrasion or corrosion with no adverse effect on
Coupling capabilities. They prevent gasket wear which
occurs when pipe or tubing ends do not butt completely.
This gap is often unavoidable and always undetectable. In
vacuum systems, gaskets without Protectors can be drawn
into the line enough to cause excessive wear and eventual
system leaks. This may result in undesirable contamination
of the materials being handled.
Morris Couplings with Gasket Protectors fully eliminate
these costly hazards to the effective and economical
operation of vacuum conveying systems.
• Are factory assembled – no loose parts.
• Automatically compensate for field installation variations
causing exposure of gaskets – prevent pinched gaskets
at butt connections.
• Gasket Protectors are of Type 304 stainless steel with
interlocking teeth – excellent for protection against
abrasion and corrosion.
• For special corrosive applications, specify Teflon Gasket
Gasket Protectors are for use with Morris Compression Couplings
only and are not recommended for couplings less than 6" long.
For Couplings with Gasket Protectors in sizes not listed at right,
contact the factory.
All shipments are F.O.B. Erie, PA.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Order by Code No. and O.D. Specify “WITH STAINLESS STEEL
(1) Same price applies for couplings with red rubber gaskets.
*Contact factory for prices of couplings with Teflon gasket protectors.
O.D. of Morris LIST PRICE
Tubing or Standard
BLACK Gasket* WHITE Gasket*
Pipe Size Coupling
(in.) Code No.PIC No.Price
PIC No.Price
1.500 1-1/2-3C OD 0101503B3FG 0101503W3
1.900 1-1/2-3C 0101903B3 0101903W3
1.750 1-3/4-3C OD 0101753B3FG 0101753W3
2.000 2-3C OD 0102003B3FG 0102003W3
2.187 2-3/16-3C OD 0102183B3FG 0102183W3
2.250 2-1/4-3C OD 0102253B3FG 0102253W3
2.375 2-3C 0102373B3FG 0102373W3
2.500 2-1/2-3C OD 0102503B3FG 0102503W3
2.875 2-1/2-3C 0102873B3 0102873W3
3.000 3-3C OD 0103003B3FG 0103003W3
3-4C OD 0103004B3 0103004W3
3.500 3-3C 0103503B3FG 0103503W3
3-4C 0103504B3 0103504W3
4.000 3-1/2-3C 0104003B3FG 0104003W3
3-1/2-4C 0104004B3FG 0104004W3
4.500 4-3C 0104503B3FG 0104503W3
4-4C 0104504B3 0104504W3
5.000 4-1/2-3C 0105003B3 0105003W3
4-1/2-4C 0105004B3 0105004W3
5.563 5-3C 0105563B3 0105563W3
5-4C 0105564B3 0105564W3
6.000 6-3C OD 0106003B3 0106003W3
6-4C OD 0106004B3 0106004W3
6.625 6-3C 0106623B3 0106623W3
6-4C 0106624B3 0106624W3
8.000 8-3C OD 0108003B3 0108003W3
8-4C OD 0108004B3 0108004W3
8.625 8-3C 0108623B3 0108623W3
8-4C 0108624B3 0108624W3
10.000 10-3C OD 0110003B3 0110003W3
10-4C OD 0110004B3 0110004W3
10-5C OD 0110005B3 0110005W3
10.750 10-3C 0110753B3 0110753W3
10-4C 0110754B3 0110754W3
10-5C 0110755B3 0110755W3
12.000 12-3C OD 0112003B3 0112003W3
12-4C OD 0112004B3 0112004W3
12-5C OD 0112005B3 0112005W3
12.750 12-3C 0112753B3 0112753W3
12-4C 0112754B3 0112754W3
12-5C 0112755B3 0112755W3