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Ann Minton

Workforce Development Fellow

University of Derby Corporate

Tony Atherton

Vice President

Head of Talent & Culture UK Consumer


Making Employer & University

Partnerships Work

UDC is the business
business arm of the University of

with its own dedicated customer service and
quality assurance infrastructure.

UDC provides innovative, bespoke, accredited work
based learning solutions for large and small employers.

Since 2008, our client base has increased from 8 to 261,
our work
based learners have risen from 187 to 2,353,
with 750 of those from our collaborative partners.

University of Derby Corporate:

What we do

Citi Global Process identifies, develops and retains top talent

High Potential

Critical Resource


Deep Reach

Talent Books are created with Executive team and approved by CEO and myself.

Relevant actions are designed and implemented, for example:

Internal Development

Role Rotations and Assignments


Leadership Master Classes

However, there was a gap that could not be filled by internal design


Talent Management Background


Talent Management Background

We identified gaps in Senior Management’s readiness to take Leadership roles.

Citi and Egg employees with ‘deep’ experience of their business function.

Risen through the ranks within the same business area/company.

Specialists in their field, missing the broader aspects to business

Academic learning limited to under
graduate studies or specialist skills
(CIMA, Law degrees etc).

Limited exposure to wider community and business areas.

We looked to University of Derby Corporate to assist

Discussions began in 2007 about working together.

We initially focussed on the delivery of a Level 7 programme.

There was some discussion about reconfiguring first line management
training, ILM was not proving popular or of benefit to the business.

Our Journey:

The History of our Partnership

(*There are additional levels/turns in the Executive
Leader space not represented in this diagram)







Citibank Leadership Development Pipeline:

Development was aligned to our pipeline and therefore company appraisal

Our Journey:

The Approach to our Partnership

Accreditation of in house programmes at L4 and L5.

Joint development/ delivery of L6 programme.

University delivery of L7 bespoke Talent Management programme.

Completion of:

Managing @Citi

People Contract

Leading @ Citi 1

Completion of:

Leading @ Citi 2

Work based

Our Journey:


Support for in
house training team to become
accredited lecturers and
access to our CPD portfolio.

Networking with
access to

other trainers from a range of

Initial staff development using our ‘
Supporting Work Based Learners’
(SWBL) Programme
(Level 6, 30 Credits) specially developed for our
Corporate Partners.

Access to UoD’s full range of
Management and Leadership Journals.

Educational access to
Industry Reports & relevant Academic Research

Our Journey:

Development of Citibank Training Team

“Feedback to delegates was excellent. I would
never have known that the tutors were not full time
HE lecturers. “

External Examiner, UG Leadership & Management programmes

Our Journey:

Evaluation of Accredited Programmes

Iterative process

Initial dialogue May 2009

High level engagement

CEO and Dean of Faculty

Launch Feb 2010

Part of a strategic relationship

Programme Focus

Needed to be Challenging

Contextualised to the finance sector (Citi)

Work Based Assessment

Take individuals out of their silo’s

Flexible approach

Our Journey:

Talent Management Programme



Business Acumen.

Greater understanding of other business functions.


Enabling managers to widen understanding of subjects

Readiness for wider role.


Develop broader company network.


Learning to learn again.

Qualification that means something to them with or with Citi.

Psychological Contract

Retention tool

Our Journey:

Key Requirements

Year 1 Modules

Selected intentionally to provide holistic learning in business


Decision Analysis

People Management & Development

Project Management

Our Journey:

Programme Overview

“One of the great things about
the programme has been the
opportunity to learn as a team;
with colleagues from various
functions across

Citi and Egg.

Sharing insight from individual
experiences has cultivated a
healthy dialogue and debate,
strengthening working

“Taking regular time out to consider Business As
Usual in an academic context is invaluable.

topics provide

the catalyst, and being led by a

experienced lecturer gives a great

Combined they

provide a platform to
build upon to analyse, consider and implement
strategy changes in my department on dimensions
that I wouldn't normally spend much time

“The scope of the course is wide ranging and it has had a good mix of both theory
and real life examples. For me, one of the most useful learnings to date has been
the ability to interpret financial

information more effectively. In an organisation such
as Citi understanding the key commercial drivers of the business and how

functional areas contribute towards

these is essential.

As such I've been able to
apply principles learnt in the classroom at UDC

to real situations

at work.”



Founded in Work Based Practice

Partnership working

Critical Review

Critical Success Factors: