Collaborative Effort in Entrepreneurship


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Effort in

S. Gary Bullen

North Carolina State University

Why Value
Added Agriculture is

Become the low cost producer

Achieve product or service
quality differentiation

Achieve supply or distribution

Pursue a market niche

Number of Farm

Size of Farms

Comparing Marketing Bill and
Farm Value

Percent of Disposable Income
on Food

Added Agriculture

Commodities vs. Products

Selling vs. Marketing

Focus on Customers

Increased consumer demands
regarding health, nutrition and

Capture large share of food dollar

Current Situation Need for Training?

“As a commercial horticulture agent I am asked al
the time “What can I do to make money?”

“I see this as a valuable tool that I need
desperately! I do not have formal training in
business management, only production and
diseases. It will better enable me to guide my
clientele in the business management aspects of
building a new business.”

Current Situation Need for Training?

“ I am lacking in business development
knowledge and skills. As an extension agent, I
have no problem working with producers on
production related issues.

However, I do not feel as confident when issues
of business planning, development and marketing
arise. I hope I gain needed knowledge and skills
to help clients with their endeavors”

Creating Business Opportunities

The CBO goal is to support the
development and establishment of a wide
array of agricultural business opportunities

Partnership between North Carolina State
University, N.C. Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services N.C. Farm Bureau
and N.C. Rural Center.

Sponsored by Golden LEAF Foundation

CBO Objectives


county personnel

to help
entrepreneurs with new business ideas

Develop a
business training

Develop a set of
business development

to support county personnel

a network

that will foster
information sharing between groups
working in business development

Collaborative Work

The Training Curriculum

Training was designed as if someone
walked into your office asking for
helping with new business idea

Combined lectures with group exercises

Teams formed based on geographic areas

Each session had time to introduce groups
working in business development

TEAM Marketing plan practicum

Complementary training resource manual

Creating Business Opportunities Website

What Happened

We trained 83 CBO

Laid foundation for
business network

County personnel now
have business
development resources

Training was good
overview of business

CBO Follow Up Survey

84% have used CBO resource developed

Business planning material


66% developed a business training or workshop

Financial record keeping

Marketing seminars

Small Business Center workshops

78% have referred clientele to another agency
who participated in training

28% helped clientele start a new business or add
an enterprise

How did CBO help you with your
current work responsibilities

Helped establish a farmers market

Organized agritourism workshop

Organized a workshop on how to start a
lawn care business

Helped farmer evaluate agritourism

How did CBO help you with your
current work responsibilities

Helped me get the big picture of what we need to
set up a business

Help me work with other groups, I am at least
25% more effective on my job

Retooled me to address business questions not just

Since just starting on my job gave me the tools to
work with clients

Big help with contacts from other agencies

Agribusiness Certification and
Training (ACT)

ACT is follow up to the CBO training

Invited past CBO participants to attend

Need for one business planning curriculum

With CBO developed our own

Reviewed four curriculum

What other agencies and organizations doing
similar work?

Sponsored by Southern Risk Management
Center and Tobacco Trust Foundation

Agribusiness Certification and
Training (ACT)

The goal of the ACT training is to establish
a group of extension agents and others
who will serve a business development
resource in their district.

Certify core group in a NXLeveL business
planning curriculum

Teams develop a business planning practicum

Develop NxLevel business

ACT Training

Agribusiness Certification and
Training (ACT)

SBTDC Small Business Technology Center

The Small Business and Technology
Development Center is committed to providing
knowledge, education and other supportive
resources that enable existing small and mid
sized businesses, emerging entrepreneurs and
local/state leaders to innovate and succeed.

Was a natural fit for NC Extension.

What Are We Doing?

Extension business development
teams in five districts

Developing a business plan practicum

Conduct NXLevel business planning
workshops in cooperation with SCTDC
regional offices

Business development referrals

Examples of Current Efforts

Two training workshops 33 people were
certified to use Nxlevel materials.

Five business planning workshop planned
for 2009

Marketing research and business start up

Prawns Growers

Pie Business

What We Have Learned?

No one organization has all the answers

It take time to develop confidence in a new

Personalities may get in the way

Because it did not work in the past does
not mean it will not work now

Understand what success means to each

Failed Business Strategies

I cuss, you cuss, we
all cuss for asparagus