Energy Conversion and Control

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EE 176
Energy Conversion and Control

Prof. John Balachandra

AC/DC electric
machine drives for speed/position con
trol. Integrated
discussion of electric machines, power electronics, and control systems.

Computer simulations

of electric drives

ions in electric transportation, hybrid
car tech
nology, robotics,
process control, and energy conserva

Prerequisite(s): courses 103 and 171. Concurrent enrollment in course
176L is required.

Text book
Electric Drives

Ned Mohan

MNPERE publishe

Chapter 1 Introduction to Electric Drive Systems

Chapter 2 Understanding Mechanical System Requirements for Electric

Chapter 3 Review of Basic Electric Circuits

Chapter 4 Basic Understanding of Switch
Mode Power Electronic Converters
in Electr
ic Drives

Chapter 5 Magnetic Circuits

Chapter 6 Basic Principles of Electro
mechanical Energy Conversion

Chapter 7 DC
Motor Drives and Electronically
Commutated Motor Drives

Chapter 8 Designing Feedback Controllers for Motor Drives

Chapter 9 Intro
duction to AC Machines and Space Vectors

Chapter 11

Motors: Balanced, Sinusoidal Steady State Operation

Chapter 12 Induction
Motor Drives: Speed Control

Chapter 13 Vector Control of Induction
Motor Drives: A Qualitative

r 14 Reluctance Drives: Stepper
Motor and Switched

Chapter 15 Energy Efficiency of Electric Drives and Inverter

Chapter 16 Powering Electric Drives: Power Quality Issues

Homeworks, Computer Assignments, In class/Take

home exams

E 2 Rm 239A , Email :