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Mary Najarian

Dr. Diane Kern

Education 448

17 June 2009

Bibliographic Citation:

Guven, Bulent, Kosa, Temel. “The Effect of Dynamic Geometry Software On Student

Mathematics Teachers’ Spatial Visualization Skills.”
The Turkish Online Journal of

ucational Technology

7.4 (2008): 8 pgs. 1 June 2009 <


Theory Summarized:

This article describes a pre
test and post
test that was taken by student mathematics teachers. It
shows charts of the results for the pretest.

By incorporating this technology and doing different
online activities, the article then demonstrated how the students improved their spatial skills after
taking the post

Practical Suggestions:

Incorporate technology in the classroom.

Assign diffe
rent online activities for students.

Use different mathematical software in math classes (ex.: Maple, Matlab).