NCLB Overview

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For more information on NCLB, click on the links to
the right, or contact the Title I/NCLB Office at 585

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NCLB Overview

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a federal law to improve
education for all children.

It holds schools responsible for
results, gives parents greater choices, and promotes teaching
methods that work.

This overview points out parts of the
that are important for parents to know.

Title I, which is part of the NCLB law, is the largest federal
elementary and secondary education program. Title I funds
help educators improve teaching and learning for thousands of
New York State students in ec
onomically disadvantaged
communities. Because parents are so important for children’s
success, Title I schools and districts must have a plan to involve
parents in becoming partners in their children’s education. This
plan is known as a Parent Involvement
Policy. It is required at
both the district and school level.

The NCLB law requires schools that receive federal Title I funds
to ensure that all students meet challenging academic
standards. It also requires other school programs that receive
federal fun
ds to improve student achievement.

No Child Left Behind:

Gives schools increased responsibility for results.

This is
done with standards for progress, requiring schools to
demonstrate adequate yearly progress toward
achievement goals, testing to inform
published school report cards so parents know how well
their child's school/district is doing, and defines
consequences for schools in need of improvement;

Gives parents options.

NCLB requires that districts
provide information to parents
about a variety of
education related issues. Many of these notifications are
provided in letters sent directly to parents at their

RCSD notifies parents of the accountability status
of their child's school 14 days before the start of school
or upon o
fficial release of the information from the New
York State Education Department.


letter will
outline parents

options under

NCLB public school

Promotes teaching methods that work to ensure that all
students are

being taught by teachers who a
re well
prepared to help students meet their academic goals.

There are many ways that parents can be engaged at their
child’s school as a partner in their child’s education. This
includes participating at school events, on school governance
committees such

as PTA/PTO (Parent
Association/Organizations) and School
Based Planning Teams,
in the classroom, and by providing supports for a child’s
learning at home. We encourage parents to talk with their
child’s teacher and principal about these opportunit