Welcome to Room 301


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Welcome to Room 301

Course Name:

Web Technologies (One
Half to One Credit)

Course Description:

Through the study of web technologies and design, students learn to
make informed decisions and apply the decisions to the field of
information technology

Course Requirements:

This course is recommended for students in Grades 10
Recommended prerequisite: Principles of Information Technology.


omputer, digital cameras, scanner, video camera, color duplex laser
printer, black and white duplex

laser printer, graphic tablets w/software
drivers, headphones with attached microphone, audio editing software,
storyboard software, animation software, video editing software, graphic
design software, presentation software, desktop publishing software,
ector graphic creation

General Information

Students will be opening a Google blog account to post class work. I will
send you the internet URL as soon as they make one.

Students will complete most assignments during class. They will save their
work on the school’s network therefore they should not need a flash drive.
If students are absent or out due to school activities, it is their
responsibility to make up work during
the advisory or after school. If they
know they will be out, the assignments will be due by the date assigned or
the class period when they return.

If students fall behind or are not passing, they should come to advisory or
stay after school to complete
assignments or tutoring.

I welcome anyone who wants help to improve or advance in the class.

Semester 1

Principles of Web Technology and Design

Understanding the Web Design Environment

Web Site Design Principles

Using Technology




Projects as the students progress

Semester 2

Design Web Sites


Advanced Web Design


Stephanie Davidson

Conference Time

White Days



8:30 thru 9:40

Contact Information


Phone: 903 567
6561 ext 4301


1 box of Kleenex
Choice of a ream of paper or Clorox Cleaning wipes