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Advancement Division

The Advancement Division of the college exists, under the direction of the President and
the Board of Trustees, to promote the position of the college and to secure financial gifts
that will enable it to sustain its mission. This goal is best achieved by
relationships with alumni, media, churches, the local community, parents, and the general
public. Together, staff members shape and maintain Calvin’s reputation and extend that
understanding to persons and communities unfamiliar with the Colleg
e. The hope is that
the Advancement Division at Calvin will consistently do “the
right things
, in the

and in the
right proportions
, resulting in
adequate funding

for ministry while
bringing great
glory to God

and great

to the p
eople who give.”
(Advancement as defined by Olan Hendrix)

The Advancement Division at Calvin is divided into three main areas of focus:
Development, Alumni, and Communications and Marketing.

A diagram of the division is
in Appendix F.


Development Off


Development Responsibilities

Development responsibilities focus on continued giving by securing faithful
donors and securing new donors. Personal relationships with major donors and
prospective major donors are built and maintained by professional fund raisers
and the President. Eac
h fund raiser has specific responsibilities within a
category of donors and/or a number of geographic areas of the country. Within
these areas they make personal calls and facilitate gatherings of alumni and
friends. Current gifts, endowed gifts, and pla
nned gifts are sought, depending on
the donor’s desires and phase in life. Calvin College also works with the
Barnabas Foundation in helping donors with their charitable estate planning.
The Annual Fund is assisted by the Direct Mail and Phonathon progra
Student callers are employed throughout the school year to call all alumni
(donors and non
donors) and friends of the college as well as parents of current


raising Policies

The policy booklet, on file in the Development Office, provid
es the following
information: ethical standards for donor relationships, College gift policy
guidelines, and an internal fund
raising policy. In summary, the College is
committed to highly ethical standards in relationships in which trust, honesty,
t, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and compassion are taken seriously. We will
gratefully accept any gift that is in the donor’s and the College’s best interest.
Gifts to the College may take the form of one or a combination of the following:
cash, securiti
es, or other personal assets; deferred gifts, including trusts,


annuities, life insurance, residences, or other real properties; and bequests.
Internally, all fund
raising efforts must be cleared through the Development


How to Make a Gift to
Calvin College


This booklet describes the various means by which a gift can be made to the
College, the tax implications of gifts, how to process gifts, examples of gifts, and
suggested wording for certain gift vehicles. A copy of this booklet ma
y be
obtained from the Development Office.


Alumni Office

The Alumni Office develops relationships with alumni, churches, local community
members, parents, and the general public. Together, staff members uphold the
existing connections and shape new conn
ections within the community. They
accurately portray Calvin as an academically excellent, distinctively Christian college
that shapes minds for intentional participation in the renewal of all things.


Calvin Alumni Association

The Calvin Alumni
Association, founded in 1907, partners with the College to
promote Christ
centered higher education. The Association builds community
among College alumni and friends, providing service opportunities and inspiring
alumni to answer God’s call in life and v
ocation. By the fall of 2008, the
Association was comprised of 56,500 alumni (defined as those who attended
Calvin for one year or more). Governed by a 23
person board of alumni from
around the world, the Association features 37 active chapters and spons
ors over
100 events for Calvin each year. The Association provides support for
endeavors across campus as well as student scholarship and faculty research
funding programs. Three trustees are designated “alumni trustees,” and
nominees for these positions

come from the Association. The
Calvin Spark
, a
quarterly magazine, is the organization’s official publication.


Parent Relations

Parent Relations is a campus
wide endeavor that supports the mission of the
college and enriches the Calvin experience for s
tudents and their families
through communication, programs, events and volunteer opportunities. The
Parent Relations program also develops leadership opportunities for Calvin
parents through the Parent Council.


Community Relations

The Community Relatio
ns Office develops understanding and support for the
mission, programs, and activities of the College. The College desires


partnerships with a variety of constituents in addition to alumni. The
Community Relations Office efforts focus on the Christian Re
formed Church,
the West Michigan community, retirees, and other strategically selected
Christian churches and groups. This office maintains formal ties with the Calvin
Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) and undertakes other related efforts.


ons and Marketing

Communications and Marketing disseminates information to media, to College
constituents and to potential students through printed material design, media relations,
sports information, publications and the Calvin Web site.



Publishing Services handles the design and production of printed materials for the
college, maintains the Calvin identity, provides consultation, and works with
departments across campus to demonstrate a professional image of Calvin.


Media Relat
ions and Sports Information

Media Relations at Calvin is a two
pronged effort including general media
relations and sports information. The Media Relations team provides assistance
in contacting Calvin professors for expert commentary, news tips and advi
seasonal guides for sports, arrangement of interviews with coaches and athletes,
news releases and photos.



Publication personnel partner with various departments on campus to provide top
level materials for distribution via printed m
aterial and electronic communication.
Examples of campus publications include the
Calvin Spark
, the
, the
, and the e
newsletter Calvin
Sports Report.


Calvin Web site

Calvin’s Web presence is a campus
wide endeavor supporting

the mission and
strategic plan of the College through communication, education, features, services
and transactions for our visitors and stakeholders. Calvin College recognizes that
the Internet provides another avenue to explore God's creation and to im
society for good. It is fitting, then, that the college makes Web technology
available to faculty, students and staff and trains and encourages them to publish
electronic information. Today's technologically based society demands the
College be well
ersed in the language of the Internet.