The Study Buddy Application

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CMPT 275


One Sentence Summary

The Study Buddy is: a tool to help users study to
improve their grades by simulating a multiple
choice exam.

Target Audience

What the System does in Clear

Multiple Choice Questions

Questions are selected based on user’s progress

Progress tracking

Login System, ability to keep track of own profile

Scoring System

Basic System Implementation Details
and Design Choices


Simple Layout

Easy to Use

Large Buttons

Able to Display Pictures

Consistent layout for easy navigation


in Architecture

Adding Questions

Login Screen

Username must be at least two characters.

Password must be at least six characters.

All characters expect for “&” can be used for
username and password.


Adaptive Features

Changes difficulty when a certain score have
been reach

Will start the difficulty depending on the users
level from the last time they used that buddy


A discussion of the testing you did to
ensure that the system works correctly
and why you should believe our
system is error
free and works as
promised .


Automated Junit Testing

Extreme Cases

Tests every non
trivial method

Tests every line of code at least once

Path Testing for Adaptive Engine

Known Bugs

Frame Size is not constant

Buddy hangs unexpectedly

Features that we wished to implement
but did not


Difficulty Selection

Loading/Saving of Games

Giving more than four choices for each
question (
modifiable GUI

Changing Passwords

User Feedback

Anonymous Tester 1

Tested out chem buddy

Simple GUI compared to other fancy

Useful for studying

Could use more questions on certain topics

Anonymous Tester 2

Test out rock buddy

Found it helpful that he could not proceed to
the next question before getting the right
answer to the current question.

Not enough questions

Anonymous Tester 3

Test out Jokester Buddy

Didn’t find the jokes funny

Using the software ourselves

Finally a Post Mortem analysis of your
team and project

Which project management
techniques worked well

Dividing up the work on in a modular way

Having weekly meetings

What project management techniques
did not work so well

Trying to work on the project at the same time

Using SVN Extensively

Major “Human” Problems

Two separate ideas of implementing the same

Technical Problems


Java not working

Netbeans crashes on older machine

What we would do differently if we
were to do the project all over again

Write Better Comments from the start

More Peer Review for the Code

Start work early on assignments

Work on completing the requirements before
working on ‘extra’ features

What we would do the same if we did
the project all over again

Divide up the work and work individually

Have team meetings at least once a week

THE END!!!!!!!!!