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Securing and Accelerating Databases
In Minutes using GreenSQL
Unified Database Security
• All-in-one database
security and acceleration
• Simplified management,
maintenance, renewals
and threat update
• Lower operational
overhead for Installation,
training and support
• Implement on a dedicated
hardware, virtualized, on
the database or on the
application server
Unified Database Security
• Secure and accelerate your database in minutes
• Secure your database while in Learning mode
• Automatically Builds a policy based on your database usage
• Enables REAL-TIME Compliance (PCI, SOX)
• Maximizes overhead performance – Caching option
• Provides alerts for every attack or system event
• Provides reports for management, compliance & database activity
• Hides your database servers - acts as a reverse proxy
• Prevents known & unknown database attacks – IPS/IDS
• Stops 0-Day database attacks – Protocol Integrity
• Enables you to update patches on your schedule – Virtual Patching
• Mask or Hide Sensitive information – Masking
• Preserve Business continuity - High Availability
GreenSQL 2.1
GreenSQL Provides out of the box Database Firewall,
IPS/IDS and virtual patching.
• Database Firewall:
- Query or table based
- Implements a full Separation of Duties
- Create a policy per Database, Table or Column
- Runs IDS / IPS during the learning mode if required
- SQL Injection detection and prevention using multiple engines
- Risk profile with all possible option in all supported protocols
• Virtual Patching
- Prevents any known and un known exploits targeting your
database application
- Auto updated signatures
GreenSQL Provides out of the box Database Activity Monitoring
to MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL Databases
• Policy base Database Activity Monitoring for:
- Any Administrative action
- Any View, Modify or Delete action
- Create a policy for Any source IP, User or Application
accessing any Database, Table or Column
- Sorted locally with automatic rotation by file size/date
- Can be stored remotely using operating system
- Can be filtered in real time for any parameter
- You can generate reports easily with multiple filters
Audit – Advanced
GreenSQL Advanced Auditing to MySQL, Microsoft SQL and
PostgreSQL Databases provides the option to create a policy based
Auditing and have a full detailed information regarding any view’s or
changes to a database, table or column
• Advanced Audit vs. Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)
- DAM shows who did what and when
- Advanced Audit, besides the who, what and when, provides
also a full “Before and After” view regarding any change in the
database, table or column.
GreenSQL provides out of the box database caching for basic queries
and procedures, supporting Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL
• Caching
- GreenSQL uses memory only (configurable amount)
- Smart Caching - US Patent Application No. 61345166
• Caching Configuration
- The Caching feature can be enabled or disabled per:
- The entire GreenSQL Installation
- Per Database, Rule, Table or even a query
• Caching Awareness
- Create on demand reports for Caching efficiency &
- GreenSQL provides real time statistics for
- Caching efficiency
- Caching performance
GreenSQL provides out of the box database Masking
for Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL
• Mask
- Mask or Hide any sensitive information
- Request based masking – on the fly replacement of the query
- Response based masking – on the fly replacement of the
- Masking is part of the GreenSQL Enterprise version
- Masking results are being Cached! (increased performance)
• Masking policy
- Source
- IP Address, database or application (Double Hop) user,
Application Name and Time frame
- Destination
- Any Database, Table or Column
Unified Database Security
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