What is happening globally in

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What is happening globally in
terms of mobile libraries and
mobile learning?

Dr. Mohamed Ally

Director and Professor

Centre for Distance Education

Athabasca University


New Zealand Presentation

January 2010

Countries Presented


United States of America


United Kingdom

South Africa




United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia




Hong Kong

The Hague


South Korea






Universities Presented

Cambridge University

University of London

The Open University of the United Kingdom

The Open University of the Netherlands

University of South Africa

University of Mauritius

Sheik Zayed University

Dubai Police Academy

University of Pretoria

Open University of Malaysia

Sample Conference Presentations

World Conference on Mobile Learning

International Mobile Collaborative Learning Conference

International Federation for Training and Development Organization
World Conference

International Council for Distance Education Conference

World Summit on Information Society

International Conference of Open and Distance Education

American Society for Training and Development Conference

International m
Libraries Conference

Canadian Society for Training and Development Conference

Canadian Association of Distance Education

European Union Information Society IST Conference

Korean Educational Technology Association Conference

Academic and Service Activities

International Federation of
Training and Development Organizations

Founding Director,
Association for Mobile Learning

Board Member,
Canadian Society for
Training and Development

Academic and Service Activities(cont’d)

Member of an international committee (Canadian
Standard Association and ISO) to set standards for
mobile learning

Investigating the use of information and communication
technologies (ICT) to connect
indigenous peoples
the world

Dialogue Between Nations

Edited a book on
mobile learning

Edited a book on
mobile technology in libraries

Currently editing a third book “M
libraries: A virtual
library in everyone’s pocket”

Chaired an international conferences on mobile learning
and mobile libraries

Edited a special issue of IRRODL on
Mobile Learning

Ally, M. (2009) Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery
of Education and Training


Libraries: Libraries on the Move
with Mobile Access

Libraries 2:

A virtual library in everyone’s pocket

Mohamed Ally and Gill Needham

Mobile Learning Associations
helped to form

Malaysian Mobile Learning Association

Latin America Mobile Learning Association
(headquarter in Brazil)

Sweden Mobile Learning Association

Greece Mobile Learning Association (in

Shaping the Future of Education

The potential of mobile wireless technology in
education is limitless. Now is your opportunity to
get in on the discussion with worldwide
representatives from primary, secondary and
postsecondary education institutions, policy
makers and executives from the wireless and
education technology industries.

World Bank

UN: Millennium Development Goals

and Role of Mobile Technology

Millennium Development Goals:

Role of Mobile Learning

Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty

Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education

Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower

Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality

Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health

Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other

Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for


Mohamed Ally, Athabasca University, Canada

Alice M. Agogino, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Nicolas Balacheff, Laboratoire Leibniz, France

Tom H. Brown, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Wai Chan, National Central University, Taiwan

San Chee, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Fun Chiu, Hewlett
Packard Laboratories, USA

Pierre Dillenbourg, Swiss Federal Institute, Swiss

KWOK L F, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Randy J. Hinrichs, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Ulrich Hoppe, University of Duisburg
Essen, Germany

Patrick Jermann, EPFL ¡V CRAFT, Switzerland

Robert Lewis, Lancaster University, UK

Marcelo Milrad, Vaxjo University, Sweden

Miguel Nussbaum, Universidad Catolica, Chile

Hiroaki Ogata, University of Tokushima, Japan

Claire O' Malley, University of Nottingham, UK

Roy Pea, Stanford University, USA

Peter Reimann, University of Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Roschelle, SRI International, USA

Marlene Scardamalia, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada

Mike Sharples, University of Nottingham, UK

Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan, USA

Research Activities

Research on E
learning Methods in the Workplace

Received a research grant to conducted
research on different delivery methods in
the workplace

Results were disseminated as follows:

Canadian Journal of University Continuing Ed.
Journal (CJUCE)

Online Learning Symposium, Edmonton, AB

20th Annual Conference on Distance Learning
and Teaching
, Madison, Wisconsin

Alberta Distance Education and Training
Association Newsletter

The 11th Sloan
C International Conference on
Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando,

Canadian Association of Distance Education
(CADE) Conference, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Canadian Association of University Continuing
Education (CAUCE) Conference, Calgary,

12. Research on Mobile Learning

Conducted research on the use of mobile
technology to deliver AU courses and services

Research disseminated as follows:

Wireless and Mobile Technology Conference, Taipei,

Mobile Learning International Conference, Rome, Italy

International Mobile Learning Conference, Capetown,
South Africa

IMCL Conference, Jordan

Mobile Learning Conference, Mauritius

Mobile Learning Conference

Canadian Association for Distance
Education (CADE) Conference, Vancouver,

International Education Conference,
Honolulu, HI

Building an Effective Mobile Library

International Mobile Libraries Conference,
London, England

Chapters in books

Use of Mobile Devices for

ESL Training

Use of mobile phones for ESL training for
new immigrants

Use of mobile technologies for workplace