Introducing A Graduate Professional Certificate in Computer and Network Security

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A Graduate Professional Certificate in
Computer and Network Security
The Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the University of Colorado at
Boulder is proud to offer a new Graduate Professional Certificate in Computer and Network

To understand network security requires more than simply taking an introductory course on
network security; it requires a comprehensive understanding of not only how networks
operate but also how users behave on the network. Simply designing a technically secure
network fails to appreciate the social engineering vulnerabilities facing modern networks. To
actually protect networks requires a detailed and well-executed process, one that includes
substantial technical, behavioral, economic, accounting, and policy understanding.
Therefore, students must gather a wide range of training and experiences to truly understand
what is required to secure a network.

The certificate covers a wide range of topics and includes not only the fundamentals of how networks operate and how
to secure these networks, but also how to approach security in a practical manner. Security issues and topics range
from technical theory to legal procedures. The curriculum consists of two required core courses and two electives:
Core Courses:
TLEN 5530 Applied Network Security
TLEN 5540 Network Security Lab


Develop critical competencies in 12 – 18 months

Courses delivered both on campus and via asynchronous, distance learning

Graduate credit earned can apply toward a Master’s in Telecommunications or a Master’s in Electrical and
Computer Engineering

Interaction with an industry-diverse and world-wide student body

Admission Requirements:
Students entering the certificate program should be professionally familiar with data networks and/or
telecommunications networks. Familiarity with at least one wireless system would be an advantage. Alternatively,
students should take the following courses and pass with a 3.0 GPA or better before enrolling in the certificate program:

TLEN 5330 Data Communications 1

TLEN 5460 Telecommunications Systems Lab

Visit the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program web site ( to explore application and
admission details.
TLEN 5290 Introduction to Trustworthy Computing
TLEN 5420 Foundations of Computer and Network Security
TLEN 5490 Network Programming
TLEN 5832 Privacy, Security and Digital Rights Mgt.
ECEN 5022 Cryptography