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Proaxis Corporation

Here is our sales Pitch…

Utilizing our Proaxis Process™, we have
been making companies successful utilizing
web technology for the last 4 years.

We work with both small and large
companies in B
B and B

Chic Kids

Washington Mutual


Why the Internet

Less Expensive than any other Medium to

Truly Trackable Results

Easy to change content and much less

Constant communication with clients via
email and your website

Save valuable employee time (automation)

Every Company Benefits
utilizing the Internet

Any Company Selling Products

Product Catalogs


sell and Cross
sell Products

Oriented Companies



Online Communication

Informational Selling

What is our Goal? (ROI)

this is why you are

ROI can look different for the type of company
you are:

Return on Investment

If you invest $15,000 initially and continue to
invest $3,000 per month how long does it take
to recoup your entire investment and make a
profit? How much money monthly do you
continually make as a profit?

Timeframe to Recoup Initial

Our Goal when working with a
client is to bring in an ROI
within 6
8 months. Some
clients have recouped their
investment within less time and
started bringing in an ROI
within 3 months.

Straubelstone put together a
30k website and paid
approximately $1,000 per
month. They made a 200%
profit ROI in the first year. The
website brought in more than
$150k in the first year of

Percentage of Sales Generated

Retail store sell as much as 10% of their product online.
Stores like PacSun are selling 15 million dollars a year
online. There is always a much higher profit margin
selling online because of overhead and employee costs.

Oriented Companies can generate as much as
30% of their business on the Internet. Some
service based companies are solely Internet based.

If you are not making substantial profits
on the Internet you are most likely
doing something very Wrong!

People don’t know how to truly utilize Internet
technology to make money

Where and How you Advertise

How you are using web technology

The Two Important Aspects of
ROI on the Web

The Nuts and Bolts

Where and How you Advertise

Know How to Advertise

Pay for Performance

Contextual Marketing

Email Campaigns

Search Engines

To make money with the internet, your online
advertising is very important. We already
assume you have a strong print and mail

Know How to Advertise

When purchasing online advertising you must know Who
your audience is, how will they find you online, how
much will it cost you, how many people will you convert
to a sale, how many people will purchase from you

Overture has a great tool to track Words and key
phrases and their potential cost per click. (we offer a
service to help you find the best phrases for your

Make sure you have tracking in place on your website.

Run the demographics for your purchasing clientele to
purchase email lists according to your selection.

Run the calculations of how much you must spend, how
much traffic that will bring to your site, the average cost
of your product or service, the life
time value of your

Pay for Performance

If you want one of the safest and the most effective
online marketing strategies, it is Pay for
Performance. Some companies receive as high as a
50% ROI on Advertising (Initial investment plus




Contextual Marketing

There are 2 types of contextual marketing:

Direct Contextual Marketing

MSN, Yahoo, WebMD, About, etc. Will run generalized
ads on their home pages. These type of campaigns
cost a lot of money but generate thousands if not
hundreds of thousands of hits.

Up Contextual Marketing (Trojan Horse

Gain, Wenu)

These are not the annoying pop up windows that you
accidentally run into and cannot get rid of.

These ads can Pop Up, Pop Under, Run on the side, Run
in the middle, top or bottom.

These Ads can be flash, animated, or straight html.

You can run these ads on certain search phrases on the
Search Engines, they can be run on a competitor’s
website or on any other site you desire.

Email Campaigns

Emails are still very powerful even with all of the
spam issues. Opt
in Email campaigns can generate
massive amounts of qualified traffic.

Email Lists can be purchased with the same
demographic information as direct mail lists.


If done right email campaigns can
be very successful and help make lots of money
and valuable lifetime clients. If done wrong you
can have your website shutdown, lose your email
privileges on the Internet, etc. Have a professional
help you. Email campaigns are definitely worth the
effort, but they must be done correctly!

Search Engines

The reason this is the last slide on Advertising is because of the cost
benefit of Natural Optimization

Search Engines are still the best online
advertising but things have changed

First gather your marketing data.

Second, run pay
campaigns until you find the successful
keyword phrases. You will do this to wisely
spend your budget on Search Engines

Have a full
time person work on Search
Engine Optimization or Contact a specialist

How you are using Web

Website Layout

Email Newsletter



Updated Content

If your website does not convert Traffic to Sales

then you are doing all the work for Nothing!

Website Layout

five percent of online shoppers who experienced
problems on a particular site left that site for another,
our study revealed. Given high customer
costs, e
tailers can't continue to lose one of every three
consumers and expect to survive.


“A whopping 65 percent of the 1,100 U.S. Internet users
that were surveyed won't patronize a poorly designed

even that of a favorite brand

and 30 percent
reported that Web site design is more important than a
great product. “


You must have a good looking, functional,
easy to navigate website!

Email Newsletters

Communicate. Can we say anything else.

based websites: birthdays,
anniversaries, special occasions, holidays.
Offer Coupons. Offer specials. Offer
programs. It’s FREE. Every month your
customer should receive an email from you!

based websites: press release,
latest news in your industry, how to help
them______, informational selling. It’s
FREE. Every month your customer should
receive an email from you

remind them
that you are there or someone else will!


Every marketing managers dream is the
Internet. You can track everything.

How much traffic every online campaign brings to
your site

How many visitors actually came to your site from
an ad or a direct mail piece.

What product or service is being looked at most.

How are people finding you online.

What is the worst page on your website?


If you sell online do it right:

Product Pictures

Suggested Items

Additional Product Views

Easy to navigate shopping cart


Express Checkout


Hot Buys, Close Outs, Specials

sell and Cross
sell products

Real Time Credit Card Transactions

Updated Content

If your website is static people will not continue to
visit it. People want new. Make sure you have a
website that you can update very easily (use a
content editor like the Proaxis Editor™)

Latest News


Events and Updates



Here is a crazy idea. Integrate an email
newsletter, with updated content pointing your
client to product or service for sale.


Every company can make money on the

Know How to Advertise

Know Where to Advertise

Use the Right Web Technology

If you are not making a profit utilizing the
Internet (besides a few exceptions) then
Change and start moving in the right