CBT Implementation on the


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CBT Implementation on the
Berkeley Campus

Jack McCredie

Associate Vice Chancellor

Information Systems and Technology

University of California, Berkeley

CBT Software Acquisition

Nine UC campus software agreement

Covers faculty, staff and students

300 titles, renewable each year

Three year contract (expires

Centrally funded

CBT Access and Tracking

CBTWeb product is installed for
campus access

HTML based system which delivers
training using Web technology

CBTCampus product available for
departmental internal training

track and monitor student’s progress,
control learning path and environment

CBT Project Goals

Provide alternative and supplemental
computer training to campus

Partner with key campus units to
support CBT campus outreach

CBT Staff Outreach Partnership

Human Resources and IST

CAL PACT (People and Computer

Departmental System Administrators

Staff Organizations

CBT Faculty Outreach

Instructional Technology Program

Collaborate with other UC campuses

CBT Student Outreach

Workstation & Microcomputer

Add CBT courses to existing Saturday
in computer courses

Provide informational CBT handouts in
computer facilities

Undergraduate Affairs

New student orientation program

Established student programs

CBT Student Outreach
Partnership (continued)

Residence Halls

Academic Computer Centers

Networked dorm residents

Undergraduate Moffitt Library

CBT Technical Issues

CBT product supports only Windows
3.1/95/NT clients

CBT supports Liveplay option
(through a Web browser to view
courseware) or Download option
(courseware can be downloaded to
your workstation and installed)

No immediate solution for Macintosh
and older PC client machines

Campus Citrix Solution

Support for all Macintosh and PC
workstations (one interface)

Align technical direction with new
financial and human resources
implemented on campus

Citrix solution successful with CBT

CBT Resources

Resources allocated to this project

Project resides within IST’s Workstation
Support Services

.20 FTE Project Leader, .50 FTE
Technical Support Programmer

CBT server required ($16k)

CBT software ($37K annually)

CBT Future Plans

Various partnerships will require
staff allocation for campus rollout in
Summer 1998


Nov 1997: Campus finalizes CBT
software agreement.

300 titles are selected (input from
campus departments)

Dec 1997: Software titles arrive

Jun 1998: CBT titles installed for
beta testing on NT/Web server

Timeline (continued)

Mar 1998: Testing on Citrix
server solution

Mar 1998: Schedule CBT technical
overview seminar for departmental
system administrators

Apr 1998: Approval for Citrix server

Timeline (continued)

Jul 1998: Install and test Citrix

Jun/Aug 1998: Plan Fall CBT training
and outreach for faculty, staff, and
students in collaboration with
established partnerships

Nov 1998: Review existing
course titles and collaborate to
extend or acquire new titles for 1999

CBT Start
up Costs

CBT Software License ($36K/year)

Dell PowerEdge 6100 200MHz, 1GB
RAM, 8GB HD, Raid ($16K)

Citrix Winframe Software, 50 user

CBT On Other UC Campuses

UC Davis: focused on training 120
technical support staff first

UCLA: rollout to campus via
CBTWeb (Window support only)

UCB is the only campus currently
installing the Citrix solution for
Macintosh and older PC clients