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Request for:


___Reclassification Review*

___Update Review



Approved Payroll Title
Title Code


CBUC_____________ Effective Date

ifier ________________________________ Date__________

1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) and Employee Identification Number (UCDMC use PCN#)

2. Current Payroll Title, Working Title, Department, and Phone Number

PROGRAMMER V UCD, Senior Programmer

Sakai Tools Specialist

3. Supervisor, Supervisor's Payroll Title, and Phone Number

4. Briefly describe the role of this position within the department

Mediaworks, a department of Information and Educational Tech
nology is charged with implementing and maintaining the
new campus learning management system, powered by Sakai, a community source enterprise application for campus
wide distribution and support to faculty. It also provides a broad range of production an
d technological services for the
instructional and non
instructional communication media needs of faculty, staff and students. It provides graphic,
photographic and audio/video production support to meet the educational, research and public service needs
of the
University. The campus
wide Learning Management System (powered by Sakai) will be used by faculty, dean's offices,
administrative staff in academic departments, and campus support staff services.

This position serves as an advanced programmer/dev
eloper on the LMS/Sakai programming team. Serves as a lead
developer of functional tools within the LMS, and performs advanced
level programming in multiple languages, provides
expertise in architecture, design, programming in support of campus
wide web
ased learning management systems,
including the campus' UC Davis Learning Management Software (powered by Sakai).

5. Special Conditions of Employment (refer to guidelines for completing position description forms before
completing this section)

Work at a

computer terminal for extended periods.

6. List positions supervised by this position (Payroll Title, #FTE):


7. Signatures

I have read this position description and understand its contents.



Immediate Supervisor


Department Head


Describe each each essential function of this position in a separate paragraph. List the functions in descending order of
importance.** Please refer to the 'Guidelines for Completing Position Description Form' before complet
ing this section.Next,
indicate the frequency with which each function is performed, i.e., D=Daily, W=Weekly, etc. Finally, using percentages of not

less than 5%, estimate the distribution of the total working time on an annual basis.Total percentage of ti
me must add up to
100%, regardless of the % of time of appointment.

A. DAILY 40% Analysis

Thi s pos i t i on l eads c ol l abor at i ons wi t h i ndi v i dual s f r om Medi awor k s and ot her c ampu
s depar t ment s as wel l as t ec hni c al
ex per t s f r om ot her i ns t i t ut i ons ( e.g. St anf or d, UC Ber k el e y, I ndi anna, et c ); i s r es pons i bl e f or des i gni ng, devel opi ng,
mai nt ai ni ng, doc ument i ng and s uppor t i ng new and ex i s t i ng c ompl ex t ool s wi t hi n t he UC Dav i s Lear ni ng Ma
Sys t em ( power ed b y Sak ai ); l eads c ampus
bas ed wor k gr oups t o f ur t her r ef i ne and r es pond t o i s s ues and mak e
nec es s ar y c hanges t o t hi s s of t war e; c ommuni c at es pr oj ec t i nf or mat i on t hr ough demons t r at i ons, des i gn s es s i ons, and
s t at us r epor t s; pr ovi des
t hi r d
t i er s uppor t t o end
us er s. I n addi t i on, t hi s pos i t i on devel ops f unc t i onal and t ec hni c al
s pec i f i c at i ons, pr ogr am modul es, and t es t pl ans r ef l ec t i ng t he di r ec t i on of t he pr oj ec t's over s i ght and des i gn c ommi t t ees
and ac t s as a l i ai s on t o ot her I ET t ec h
ni c al s t af f t o under s t and i s s ues of t ec hni c al i mpac t. Key t ec hni c al ar eas of maj or
i mpor t anc e ar e ex per t i s e i n gener al LMS s ys t ems, Web Ser vi c es, and advanc ed J ava pr ogr ammi ng. Ex per i enc e wor k i ng
i n a Uni v er s i t y envi r onment wi t h f ac ul t y c l i ent s i s es s ent
i al St r ong k nowl edge and hands
on ex per i enc e t o devel op hi ghl y
s c al abl e appl i c at i ons us i ng J ava, J SF ( J ava Ser ver Fac es )/St r ut s, s er ver
s i de t ec hnol og y s uc h as Spr i ng, Hi ber nat e,
Ser v l et s, HTML/DHTML, J avas c r i pt and CSS, and Tomc at. Ex c el l ent k nowl edge of
dat abas e c onc ept s and Obj ec t
Or i ent ed des i gn. Ex c el l ent debuggi ng, pr obl em s ol v i ng and t es t i ng s k i l l s ar e i mper at i ve, and t he i nc umbent mus t be a
good t eam pl a yer and abl e t o wor k wi t h l i t t l e di r ec t i on, pr ov i de wor k es t i mat es and del i ver c hal l engi ng, c omp
l ex, s t abl e,
and mai nt ai nabl e pr oj ec t s on s c hedul e.

B. DAI LY 40% Pr ogr ammi ng Tasks

Ac t as an l ead des i gner, and devel oper on t he Sak ai t eam and oper at e wi t h a hi gh degr ee of aut onomy. Des i gn,
dev el op and mai nt ai n and/or i nt er f ac e t o
or ex pand: r obus t, c ompl ex pr ogr ams us i ng adv anc ed t ec hnol ogi es s uc h as
J ava, J 2EE, ( J SP, Ser v l et ), PERL, J avaSc r i pt, c s h, Bour ne and ot her s c r i pt i ng and pr ogr ammi ng l anguages as r equi r ed;
Code/t ool s i nvol vi ng Sak ai r el at ed t ec hnol ogi es ( J SF, J SP, J ava Bea
ns, Hi ber nat e, Spr i ng, Tomc at, Ec l i ps e,
Mav en);Lear ni ng Management Sys t ems ( LMS's ) and as s oc i at ed t ec hnol ogi es i n par t i c ul ar MyUCDavi s/Sak ai &
Chef/uPor t al, Bl ac k boar d; Compl ex dat abas es us i ng Or ac l e, Pos t gr eSQL, and MySQL; Compl ex web ar c hi t ec t ur es;
rfaces between course management system(s), campus portal system, and other campus systems as requested.
Reverse engineering and debugging complex application logic written by other developers.' Keep abreast and self
educated in emerging technologies in

web architecture and standards, including: Security Protocols (Kerberos, LDAP);
Communications protocols (HTTP, RTSP, HTTPS); Media delivery and content storage (XML, SMIL, XSLT,SOAP,
WSDL); Course management systems and related standards (IMS, Dublin Co
re, SCORM, Sakai;)'. Identify
incompatibilities between software products and provide workarounds. Respond to Test Reports by making required
corrections and reporting back to the QA Function.' Interact with technical staff in other departments to devel
strategies, systems, and standards for intercommunications and to maintain common technical directions. Write /
contribute to Departmental and Project Level documents related to the design, development and testing of in
developed software and/or
course materials. Provide input on the development and review of departmental Policies and
Procedures, and technical directions as requested.

C. WEEKLY 15% Provide Tier 3 Support for LMS to ITExpress, faculty and Sta

Res pond t o t r oub
l e r epor t s f or war ded v i a Remedy b y I TEx pr es s. Cont ac t f ac ul t y and s t af f t o bet t er under s t and s uppor t
i s s ues. Submi t bug t r ac k i ng r epor t s t o Sak ai c ommuni t y. Wr i t e c ode f i x es f or hi gh pr i or i t y or l oc al pr ogr ammi ng i s s ues.

Repor t on Suppor t I ssues

Pr ovi de r epor t s on s uppor t i s s ues f or r evi ew b y t he LMS ov er s i ght c ommi t t ee. Hel p c ode r out i nes t o c ol l ec t s t at i s t i c s
on LMS t ool s and per f or manc e.

9. Descr i be t he ski l l s, knowl edge, and abi l i t i es whi ch ar e essent i al f or s
uccessf ul per f or mance of t hi s posi t i on.
Li st t hem i n descendi ng or der of i mpor t ance and descr i be t he r equi r ed l ev el of each i n t er ms of t he f unct i ons
per f or med. Next, i ndi cat e t he f unct i on( s) f or whi ch each ski l l, knowl edge and abi l i t y i s r equi r ed

Funct i on
Ref er ence

Ski l l s, Knowl edge & Abi l i t y


Demons t r at ed advanc ed s k i l l s i n des i gn, devel opment and mai nt enanc e of r obus t, c ompl ex
pr ogr ams us i ng J av a, J 2EE, ( J SP, Ser vl et ), PERL, J av aSc r i pt, k s h, Bour ne and ot her s c r i pt i ng and
pr ogr ammi ng l angu
ages as r equi r ed.


Demons t r at ed advanc ed s k i l l s i n wor k i ng wi t h dat abas es us i ng Or ac l e, Pos t gr eSQL, and MySQL;
i nc l udi ng wr i t i ng J ava bas ed c ode t o i nt er f ac e wi t h s uc h dat abas es.

Al l

Demons t r at ed advanc ed s k i l l s i n t he des i gn, devel opment and mai nt ena
nc e of c ompl ex web
ar c hi t ec t ur es wi t h par t i c ul ar emphas i s i n appl i c at i ons f or i ns t r uc t i onal us e.


Demonstrated experience evaluating, running and expanding Open Source software applications.


Demonstrated experience in reverse engineering and debug
ging complex application logic written
by other developers.


Demonstrated experience in the administration, installation, and recommendation of revision
control systems such as Subversion, CVS, PVCS code Management/Maintenance.


Demonstrated experience with current industry standards for media delivery and content storage


Familiarity with complex security issues, processes and protocols (e.g. Digital Signatures, PKI,
Kerberos) and communicat
ions protocols (e.g. HTTP, RTSP, HTTPS).


Demonstrated experience with standards for course management systems (e.g. IMS, Dublin Core,


Demonstrated advanced experience in reviewing complex code designs written by other
developers and provi
ding alternatives for improved design and performance.


Demonstrated ability to lead technical teams, to apply time management skills to complete
assignments accurately while meeting deadlines.


Excellent writing skills for end
user communication
s, including turning performance requirements
into hardware, operating system and coding requirements, functional specs, and test protocols.


Demonstrated experience in identifying incompatibilities between software products and providing


Advanced experience in the design, prototype, develop and test process of complex interactive
based projects.


Experience in writing, understanding and implementing professional technical and QA/QC


Experience in working under conditions of competing priorities and deadlines, with a proven ability
to estimate and prioritize workload.


Experience in working independently following projects through to completion.


Ability to be creative and init
iate and/or apply innovative solutions to problems ensuring to take into
account the needs of the team, while also able to listen to ideas/solutions from other team
members, and finally facilitate the team to a mutually agreeable solution.


Ability to a
ccurately estimate production and testing time needed, and establish realistic deadlines.


Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills to clearly communicate technical and
administrative issues to both staff and faculty.


Ability to follow office procedures and adhere to written guidelines.


Willingness and ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies and develop skills to promote
professional growth.


Ability to work cooperatively in a team setting, maintain
ing excellent working relations with other
members of Mediaworks and IET.


Ability to learn and follow internal Policy and Procedures, specific to the position and assigned work
(e.g. the Campus Principles of Community, Ed Tech Communications Protocol
, Testing Protocols,


Excellent verbal and written skills to communicate clearly and effectively on diverse technical
issues with a variety of clients and colleagues.


A degree in Computer Science or related field.

UC Davis Principles of


The University of California, Davis, is first and foremost an institution of learning and teaching, committed to serving the
needs of society. Our campus community reflects and is a part of a society comprising all races, creeds and social
cumstances. The successful conduct of the university's affairs requires that every member of the university community
acknowledge and practice the following basic principles: par par We affirm the inherent dignity in all of us, and we strive
to maintain a

climate of justice marked by respect for each other. We acknowledge that our society carries within it
historical and deep
rooted misunderstandings and biases, and therefore we will endeavor to foster mutual understanding
among the many parts of our whole
. par par We affirm the right of freedom of expression within our community and also
affirm our commitment to the highest standards of civility and decency towards all. We recognize the right of every
individual to think and speak as dictated by personal
belief, to express any idea, and to disagree with or counter another's
point of view, limited only by university regulations governing time, place and manner. We promote open expression of our
individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy,
sensitivity and respect. par par We confront and reject all
manifestations of discrimination, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation,
religious or political beliefs, status within or outside the university, o
r any of the other differences among people which
have been excuses for misunderstanding, dissension or hatred. We recognize and cherish the richness contributed to our
lives by our diversity. We take pride in our various achievements, and we celebrate our

differences. par par We
recognize that each of us has an obligation to the community of which we have chosen to be a part. We will strive to build
a true community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring. par par April 20, 1990