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Minutes JavaSIG 10/3/02 Baltimore

Roll Call

Peter Hendler

Tod Ryal

Steve Fine

Hiro Hoshimoto

Gau Masuda

Mark Tucker

Geoffry Roberts

Jason Mimick (Quadramed)

HMD metaloader

Discussion with Mark regarding approach of HMD metaloader.

DOM approach vs. dir
ect HMD java objects.

Will we have “strict” or “relaxed” options for our builder?

Discussed tasks, including CDA message generator.

Japanese Diabetes JAVA v3 project

Gau presented in more detail the design and approach of the Diabetes HL7 JAVA V3 implemen
tation done
by them in Japan. It is in production in 43 facilities. The HMD information was hard coded into the
parsers. Some of the message types were not defined by HL7 committees and were custom designed using
the standard tools and HL7 MDF. These m
essages were not submitted.

They used a one
one mapping of RIM classes to JAVA classes. There is more than one DB table for
each JAVA object. In all 800 DB tables. There are separate DB tables for every component of a JAVA

DB was postgreSQL
. Everything was done with open source. Data types were native JAVA Int and
Boolean and the rest were written specially. The JAVA classes use JDBC.