CIS 610/710: Database Systems I

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CIS 610/710: Database Systems I

Fall 2005

Term Project Specification

Teaching Assistant:
Yonghui Chen (chenyh

Important Dates

Demo and Program/Report Submission:
November 29th, 2005 (Tuesday)

Project Description

The project is to be comple
. Your task is to develop an Internet
bookstore (similar to where the Internet users can purchase their favorite
books. The site will include html web pages and use
(recommended) or anything
CGI (Perl, for instance)
to link
to a

A brief comparison of PHP and CGI can be found at:


The project files need to be saved in your

The system must support the following basic functionalities:

1) customer account creation;

2) customer login and logout;

3) book searching;

4) shopping basket;

5) checkout and payment (including order and shipping address confirmation, etc).

In addition,

you may want to provide information such as F.A.Q, service contact, etc.

1. Design Phase:

Set up a project homepage, describing the overview of your system, the web

pages you will develop and the kind of reports you plan to support.

Create an entity
tionship diagram for the model you plan to use in your

system, showing cardinality constraints.

Design the relational
(or object
schema, and document it using the
standard table

representation (giving column headings and a sample tuple for each


underlining primary keys, and using ar
rows to represent foreign keys),
showing security and integrity constraints.

Create an SQL definition of the data model, specifying attribute types, keys,

foreign keys, constraints, and a sample value for ea
ch attribute given as a


Write SQL queries to implement your sample queries.

2. Implementation Phase:

System development.

(Note: basic comments are required in the programs)

You need to design and implement your own advanced functionalities and

designs which need to be clearly mentioned in your report.

Project demo and submission.

Final report submission.

Project Files

Project files need to be stored in your

directory and will use your own

The corresponding we
b URL is:


Design/Final Report Submission:

Submit both the hardcopy and softcopy of your design and final reports.

2. Program Demo and Submission:

You need to present a working demo of your system

on November 29th
. After the demo,
you must submit the softcopy and hardcopy of your programs and

a readme.txt file,
which lists the web URLs of your web pages and your user name,

password, and database
name of your


Grading Policy

egory Grade Percentage

Database Design & Implementation 40%

Web Design & Implementation 30%

Documentation (Clarity, organization, presentation) 15%

Advanced functionalities and web designs 15%