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Network Security
Materiality Assessment Topic: Network security

Issue Summary
AT&T is continuously researching and developing
measures to help improve the security of our
services. We have a specialized team within
AT&T Labs that is dedicated to investigating
security challenges in the wireless environment
and developing specific solutions.
Our Position
Security is at the core of our networks and
central to everything we do. AT&T has long been
a pioneer in the development of cyber security
capabilities, with AT&T Labs and our cyber
security organization working closely together to
provide industry leading-technology.

Our Action
We have built security strategies into the
underlying infrastructure for our cloud systems
within the AT&T global network. The underlying
platform has built-in distributed denial of service
(DDoS) protection, and we can detect suspicious
traffic in real time, filter it and then divert it.
These measures will improve the customer
experience by preventing, detecting and
mitigating attacks which could degrade service.