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Media Information

Adam Opel


65423 Rüsselsheim

June 6,

New App for iPad
featuring a Star

called Opel ADAM

ADAM&YOU: Fascinating app as 3D
game with comic book
backed graphics

The Opel ADAM App simplifies the car configuration process through an
engaging video game experience.

Product customization is currently one of the hottest
trends in the car industry. There are literally millions of configurations to choose from, with
possibilities clearly exceeding the standard options typically presented in marketing
campaigns. Choice g
ives customers freedom to express their preferences, but the
customization process can also be long and frustrating. Faced with the challenge of
representing the ADAM car as the most customizable model in its segment, Opel created a
downloadable applicatio
n that enables users to configure their dream car through a
dynamic and fun app experience.

As a starting point, users are given 50 different and attractive cars pre
customized by Opel,
which they get to ´test on the road´ in a virtual car drive scenario,

similar to those typically
found in video games. Once happy with a particular car, they take it to the online
configurator to further adjust and finalize their dream car.

The App is not only useful

it is first and foremost engaging and fun. What users

particularly refreshing is that it bridges the gap between informative online car
systems and a stimulating video gaming experience. The Opel ADAM App truly pushes the
envelope in both of these spheres by combining high
end Unity 3D and
2D visualization
with superb interior and exterior rendering, as well as aerial, night
mode, and 360° views of
the car and its environment. During the video game segment, users maneuver the car by
grabbing and moving both ends of their iPad, thus turning t
heir tablet into a virtual driving
wheel. The dynamic, hands
on realtime experience is enhanced by realistic detailing,
which includes motion glare, front and rear lights in night mode, rim reflections and turbo



boost. For an even more sophisticated custom
er journey, the app comes with retina
support and even a choice of soundtrack to remix and listen to during the drive. The app
also facilitates sharing the chosen configuration on social media, so that users can discuss
their choice online with friends.

The Opel Adam App has met with a tremendous response from users, who see it as the
missing link between millions of options available and that one dream car. The successful
launch of the app for the iPad through the Apple App Store in 30 markets globally h
prompted Opel to also develop the app for the iPhone.


Philippe Kempf

Phone: +49 (0) 6142

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