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No Silence

Verse 1: My brothers over seas gettin’ teased for pronouncin’ their faith/ gettin’ duct taped and
chased catching spit in the face/ we runnin’ the same race at a similar pace/ screamin’ “Jesus is
Lord”/ every time we step in the place/ they hol
la naw in the dirty south/ naw in the Midwest/ they
don’t want the truth/ they don’t dig that/ so we shakin’ all the dust off our shoes/ if they don’t
receive the gospel and they treat us like some fools/ what it do/ keep on pressin’ even if they
don’t rec
eive/ that we was unbelievin’ heathens/ til we met the word of Jesus/ now we preachin’/
catchin’ beatings/ that ain’t keepin’ us from speakin’/ and no matter how they treat us we repeat
the need to seek Him/ they won’t beat us into shuttin’ up/ naw we won’
t button up/ Flame give it to
ya hot Crae I’m a cut it up/ chop it chop it up and screw it we gone do it all in Christ name/ beat us
into silence/ naw dawg ain’t gone happen man

Hook: They won’t beat us/ naw/ into silence/ never/ (repeat 2x)/ we got truth
man (repeat Hook)

Verse 2: We will continue to preach/ on the blocks in the hoods/ the great gospel of peace we
wouldn’t stop if we could/ cause the apostles believed/ to the point of they death/ so we gone
follow they lead/ and we gone walk in they steps
/ just like the Savior explained/ that we should
shake off the dust/ from our feet if they don’t wanna receive us/ it’s all part of the plan/ when
persecution shows up/ but we are ordered to stand/ and be just like a soldier/ so the spirit of fear
it gets
thrown in the trash/ the Holy Spirit is here and gives us power for the task/ so we gone
spread the news both the good and the bad/ all at the same time just like Newsflash/don’t feel
lonely cause your family in Christ/ is standing as an example amp and we
’re ready to fight/ for the
truth and it’s cool if we usin’ the mic/ but we gone rep Him til the death with our lips and our life/
so let’s go


Verse 3:(Lecrae): Hard pressed in a mess still stressed tryin’ to live it/ and we sinnin’/ if we livin’
to e
scape all of the afflictions/ of sharin’ Christ with the world/ of sharin’ life with the world/ the
light of Christ is blazin’ sheddin’ light on the world/ (Flame): We haven’t suffered to the point of
sheddin’ blood like our Savior/ so we shouldn’t be unfa
ithful like Gomer was to Hosea/ yeah we
don’t lose heart its not an option/ we just continue to put in them the truth of His doctrines/
(Lecrae): watchin’ Him Christ He’s the perfecter of faith/ so we turn and embrace any persecution
that we may face/ (Fla
me): yeah proclaim boldly/ while at the same time remain holy/ teaching
them to observe everything that Jesus told me/ (Lecrae): homie we solely concerned with the
mission of Christ/ unable to quiet us we gone be spittin’ for Christ/ (Flame): The price tha
t was
paid/ the nights in the grave/ and the resurrection is our reflection to not be afraid so lets go/



Hook: Uh
o the real truth is coming out (repeat 4Xs)

Verse 1: I done traveled the globe/ and friendly skies I done traveled the road/ do
ne had family
members die since October in ’04/ when my album dropped asked how many albums I sold/
cause honestly I really don’t wanna know/ see what I wanna know is/ what I wrote is it grabbin’ a
soul/ into the truth of the fact that He rose/ I met a lot

of people I been to some places I ain’t been
before/ and my hunger only increases as I go/ this is my true passion as I’m passing through this
life that is giving/ am I pleasin’ to the Christ that was given/ on behalf of sinners/ just to see a holy
God ex
alted through life that has been fully exhausted with His Father’s business/ my earthly visit
before I lay in my coffin/ before you all I call God as my witness/ this is truly His business/ so on
these tracks I will attack some new issues and old ones too/

so for you welcome back and I
missed you let’s go

Hook (repeat 8Xs)

Verse 2: I caught some slack from a couple of songs that I wrote/ but my intention was to offer
you some of my hope/ see my intention was to offer you some of the freedom/ that I experien
that came from studying Jesus/ see I’m convinced of the following facts of “what you know affects
how you live”/ so knowing that is a proven fact/ affects the kind of lyrics I give to my listener/ the
media’s lying the T.V. is lying/ and guarantee the
streets ain’t telling the truth/ so what you want
me to do/ but point to the Bible for more than survival but God’s word that be speakin’ to you/ they
God breathe its true/ to know that and hold back is blasphemy/ so insult throw stones and laugh
at me/ bu
t my agenda is to pray for your soul/ and in love say the same things you should know/
so on that note I say

Hook (repeat 8Xs)

Verse: 3 So in conclusion I offer this album to God/ while at the same time I offer this album to
ya’ll/ and that may mean that
I go out just like Peter and Paul/ for preaching Jesus to the point
where I’m socially martyred/ but my rewards and my treasures will never be stowed/ on this earth
but in a place where they can never be stole/ in heaven where I know the saints most defini
go/ cause our inheritance is imperishable and incorruptible/ and as I wait I pray with fervency/
cause the world and the church are in a human emergency/ see it’s a war and I done stepped into
it/ and I’m on the team of the rescue unit/ for the follow
ing people 1. Ones who caught up in false
doctrine/ 2. Non
believers ignoring the sin problem/ 3: and new saints/ so while my mic is on/ all
I’ve got is the truth and a warning/ WARNING


So Sweet

Verse 1: As I look at the life of Jesus and compare my

life to Jesus’ I fall short though I know that
I would like to please Him as may reasonable service and worship Him with my whole heart and I
think I speak for all believers when I say we need Jesus to lead us or we will fall apart cause ever
since Adam f
ell from eating fruit from the tree our deeds have been evil that’s why we love the
dark and great men throughout Biblical history officially can see we are sinners and need a new
start and if your fire is dwindling and you need a rekindling get rid of tha
t hindering and get this
new spark I thank the Father for Jesus He didn’t leave us as heathens He made us His sheep
and placed in us a new heart now we’re just simply receiving and believing what He’s achieving
and achieved that evening bleeding upon the c

Hook: He’s so sweet the way He loves me and holds me so closely and toasty He’ll never let me
go and so I gotta serve Him give Him the props deserved live life by His word and He’s so sweet
He gives me favor and flavor taste of my Savior a taste that
should savored fo sho I gotta love
Him and trust Him live my life for Him He’s so sweet

Verse 2: And I can even hear them angels rejoice in that angelic voice when the prodigal son
returned to the father’s house it’s so amazin’ it make me picture the Fathe
r’s love for the lost now
nothin’ but praises are comin’ out my mouth look at this life and begin to forsake it and chase
after His heart like David after salvation without a doubt cause the only escape from the sin
nature is the sacredness of salvation ju
st start takin’ the narrow route this opportunity is in unity
with the tri
unity of His nature for you indeed just to holler out I see my sin and I need a Savior to
take me away from myself to mold and shape me at the Potter’s house begin to make me like
esus and then I’ll take it and preach it to nations and regions from New York to down South and
all places between because Your grace intervenes now You takin’ me makin’ me clean and I
gotta shout


Verse 3: Now there’s no way we can ever measure the pl
easure that You have to give us the
treasure to be able to call You Dad now what a blessing to be in heaven forever giving you
reverence knowin’ that we were born dead in our condition before we were Christians was that of
a resistant ignorant citizen I’m
meaning really bad but because we are wicked in desperate need
of repentance see death should be the sentence and feelin’ the Father’s wrath but You showed
us your grace by sending Your Son in our place now it’s Your warm embrace in which we know
we have Y
ou said You’d never would leave us You said You’d never forsake us see grace and
faith is a gift so that way no man could brag so now I’m thankin’ the Father, Son, and the Holy
Spirit I’m hopin’ the Holy Spirit would open you so you hear it and I’m hopin’
you notice that there
are hope in these lyrics just follow the scriptures for wisdom and you will be glad



Verse 1: Well I was chillin’ in the crib afterward reading my word/ so I cut the T.V. on and I started
to surf/ at first I past a channe
l with a preacher man/ so I said let me go back just to see what he
sayin’/ reach to the left grabbed my Bible from the desk top/ he started off well I’m like yeah that’s
hot/ dude was killin’ it/ I started feelin’ it/ even though I didn’t know what script
ure he was dealin’
with/ so I said let me stay and see/ then he said turn to Isaiah 53/ I’m like aww yeah man that text
is raw/ the very next thing he said made me drop my jaw/ I was appalled/ they offered him
applause/ and 20,000 people screamin’ praise t
he Lord/ dawg I’m like naw/ I’m laughin’ it off but it
was serious he was speakin’ on behalf of God

Hook: It’s time/ press stop and rewind/ go back roll back right now/ with creeds and church
history/ lets stop and see if we missed a beat

Verse 2: He was
reading verse 5 by His stripes we are healed/ then he said cause of that we
should never get ill/ and if you do get sick its from a lack of faith/ this false teaching is really
exasperating/ then he said either that or some secret sin/ so if your sickness
comes back you
need to seek Him again/ confess your hidden sin/ and beseech Him again/ and if you doubt your
sickness will come creepin’ again/ so all that text was sayin’ is that we shouldn’t get sick man/ is
that in the bible/ that same preacher man said

we suppose to be rich man/ is that in the bible/ he
said with my faith I can confess and posses it/ is that in the bible/ then he said God’s people
shouldn’t suffer/ is that in the bible/ NO


Verse 3: So I cut the T.V. off tear drop fallen to the floo
r/ I was sad seeing these people fallen for
it/ I broke down then I started callin’ to the Lord/ we can’t afford to ignore this anymore/
furthermore if he would have just read verse 4/ he would have understood the context a little
more/ for that matter/ sh
ould have read the whole chapter/ to see the whole point that Isaiah was
after/ the whole chapter was about Jesus Christ/ and specific details about Jesus’ life/ and
healing in verse 5 was from our sin sickness/ you know when the Holy Ghost quickens/ I kno
what your feelin’/ I know you offended/ but when you repented the Spirit brought spiritual healing/
but at the glorification/ in the book of Revelation/ chapter 21:4 read the no mores


Gotta Notice

Hook: We’ve got truth that you’ve gotta notice/ to

split seas like God and Moses/ best believe
He’s watchin’ motives/ examine yourself then hand Him yourself/ He speaks life so I can breathe
now/ without Christ would have got the beat down/ was blind but I can see now/ if you can too
then you can move

se 1: First of all let me time myself/ to put me on a strict schedule and to remind myself/
before I go to long without denying myself/ cause everyday I should be dying and crucifying
myself/ yes homie and you should too/ be inclusive to the newness that H
e’s brewing in you/ and
them communicable attributes that He’s doing them through/ cause if you guilty of the crime He’s
going to be suin’ you too/ ok that’s why we gotta watch our motives/ cause when God’s speaking
gotta watch them shoulders/ cause we lov
e to shrug them like we don’t care/ but if you blind you
can look but can’t see no where/ so don’t gamble with your soul like a casinos here/ just slow
down and watch ya actions/ pick them again then lift Him up again and He’ll draw all men from
your actio


Verse 2: See I can only watch T.V. to a certain extent/ until I feel an urgent need to repent/ cause
even the commercial now are all converted and perverted with sin/ and you might slip if you ain’t
conversing with Him/ cause when I saw myself/ daw
g I wanted to saw myself/ immediately it
grieved me and wanted to insult myself/ whatever made me think to exalt myself/ now He’s
gleaning and cleaning me and now I’m salt myself/ so what we living all reckless for/ ever seen a
Buick with a Lexus door/ tha
t kind of whip will perplex a boy/ that’s how it is when you don’t
consider what the text is for/ I ask the Lord to correct a boy/ and constantly making my calling and
election sure/ until we die we should rep the Lord/ for the same reason Paul got arreste
d for yo


Verse 3: You can still work out your faith with fear and tremblin’/ in fitted hats sincere in
Timberlands/ if you examining and ain’t sittin’ there panicing/ like a mannequin knowing you in
need of an ambulance/ its alright man to move and ro
ck/ as long as you in love with God when
the music stop/ I’m trying to see if we got some soldiers/ in the building repin’ God Jehovah/ or
YHWH if it’s better translated/ I bet you’ll pass if you let a man grade/ what’s that fam the test of
life/ the test
of righteousness in spite of the risk but if/ God be judge/ how would He see the
grudge/ would He see you or see His Son/ ask yourself before Jesus comes/ back like the slacks
with pleats in the front


We Need You

Verse 1: I watch cats go from playin
’ kickball to carryin’ clips and slugs/ and girls who played
hopscotch to now strippin’ in clubs/ man it all started just sippin’ some bud man/ until she got
tricked and then she tripped with the drug man/ see you remember old girl she was so pretty/ I
ss smokin’ that dope makes you look old quickly/ dude was so smart in school now he’s
gettin’ high/ he had plans for the league now he’s just gettin’ by/ I guess the older you get/ it’s like
the more you forget/ that Jesus Christ that granny molded you wit
h/ yeah that must be the thing
before you see the King/ Jesus must awaken you from your street dream/ Lord my prayer is this/
thank you that prayer exist so you can take us away the worst terrorist/ which is ourselves our sin
in which I must admit/ there w
as peace in the garden Lord and now there is this

Hook: We need 3x oh yes we do/ We need you 3x Lord everyday

Verse 2: Young dood only thirteen/ but he think like he thirty cause the stuff he seen/ aint no food
in the house plus the mustards green/ and mo
m nem pound they things man they must be fiends/
she was lying that TV aint have no busted screen man/ sometimes I cry sometimes I scream
man/ It’s our sin that we living in dying in/ we need Him just to live again we blind men/ how real
is that God wanna
save us from wrath/ but don’t know equals like equations from math /that
equals restoration reconciliation/ new heart new start peace and plus some patients /basically
man the fruit of the Spirit/ happy to plant seeds aint gotta see the fruit of my lyrics/

let the seeds
see the increase that God has made/ I’m just pleased knowing Jesus is the God that saves/ and
that’s why


Verse 3: I never seen a tree live dawg out of the ground/ that’s like man with out God tell me how
does it sound/ like a Gomorrah a
nd Sodom men sound/ He still owns you even if you out of town
man/ He’s tracking you now like music with sound scan/ especially you doods that be usually
down playing Him/ and never realizing it’s Him that’s keeping us breathing/ recognize that we
/ recognize that we need Him/ yeah He know we suffer but His son suffered worse/
imagine Him coming to earth and becoming a curse/ well it happed don’t waist your time rapping
about/ wakness that really deserve a smack in the mouth/ especially taken on fle
sh is an
immaculate rout/ lived perfect died rose said that I’ll be back and I’m out/ plus the bible says
blessed is the poor in spirit/ so he who has an ear let him hear it/ I’ out fam



Verse1: The first task of the interpreter is called exe
gesis/(extra Jesus)/ naw I said exegesis man/
it’s a Latin word don’t be scared/ matter of fact I laughed when I first heard it too/ its spelled e
s/ guarantee you learn this process and you’ll be blessed/ exegesis is the careful
systematic/ st
udy of scripture for the Christian this should be a habit/ but to discover the original
intended meaning/ of the author to his audience is exegeting/ but to do this man you need some
tools/ so let me recommend a couple of things you should use/ aight cool/

first man you need this
book/it’s called a commentary and it helps you to further look/ into some essential things you
need to check/ in order for you to properly interpret the text

Hook: With this skill this should keep you from heresy/ and keep you fr
om going through
theological therapy/, the words of God will change your life/ if you Keep the text in its context/ with
this skill/ this should keep you from heresy/ and keep you from going through theological therapy/
the words of God will change your li
fe/ if you keep the text in its context

Verse 2: You need some more books I know its gettin’ scary/ but you need some definitions get a
bible dictionary/to go without these tools you can’t afford it/ that’s why you need this book called a
concordance/ an
d every time you start to think this is too much to do/ I recommend you reflect on
2 Timothy 2/and 15/and you’ll see what I mean/ simply because the serpent is lurking to glean/
those who don’t read/ and those who don’t study/ to keep a lock on this treasu
re/ from unlocking
the pleasure/ cause God’s word is lovely/ that’s why we hold it as precious as pearls/ to let our
exegetical work reflect to the world/ in accuracy/ hoping that you happy to see/ the very words
God breathe handle accurately/ yeah so many

take text out of context/ and come up with mess
and more nonsense


Verse 3: What you don’t wanna do is called eisegesis/(I see Jesus)/ naw I said eisegesis man/
you a silly dude its Latin too/ and that’s just the act of when your adding to/ or the

process of
reading one’s own meaning/ into the text and that’s just eisegeting/ don’t fret I know these words
are new/ and phrases to/ but it’s cool to go back to school/ its spell ei
gesis/ guarantee you
learn this process and God’ll be vexed/ a text
can never mean what it never meant before/ to its
original reader or author/ so if you run into a difficult passage and you know the Bible never
contradicts itself/ then turn the pages to a parallel passage and just let the scriptures interpret


Wars of the Mind

Verse 1: Sometimes I feel like Moses man I just want to run to Midian/ just to change my state but
not the state where my city’s in/ but my state of mind/ look for a sign like Gideon/ cause my faith
is wavering I’m forsaking dependenc
e again/ you took me from Egypt just to make me a leader/
but like Moses I’m not an eloquent speaker/ I’m not eloquent either/ not before nor after you’ve
spoken/ me in ministry you’ve gotta be jokin’/ I feel like Jeremiah/ here are my bones Lord and
is my fire/ I’m inadequate to represent the messiah/ call me the weepin’ rapper/I read a
chapter then I’m heapin’ up laughter/ because I’m weak and I can see the disaster of me in
ministry/ I feel Job I curse the day of my birth/ since I was born its only
payin’ me hurt/ my
insecurities worse/ sometimes I wish that that night was barren/ either that or Lord send me an

Verse 2: This song is for you my sisters and brothers who strugglin’ with depression/ not just the
blues but a struggle with depression
/ maybe it’s clinical and got you taking medicine/ or maybe
not but you taking counseling session and/ that’s excellent/ take your medicine/ if you need it
cause this is pleasin’ to Jesus/ I write this song for the schizophrenic/ who only gets left alone a
throne in a hospital only to panic/ and whose family doesn’t understand/ so they treat you like an
animal but never would the Son of Man/ for those who ask what’s going inside of me/ who feels
bound by fear bound by anxiety/ I write to you because I kno
w the/ very God who’s in control of
bipolar/ I write to those who wrestle with thoughts of suicide/ don’t do it cause Jesus loves you for
you He died

Hook: For every tear that you cry for all of the wars in your mind and the fears that you hide know
that H
e’s there know that He’s walking with you I know that it’s hard to press on when the nights
seem so long remember His word is your hope so know that He cares know that He’s walking
with you

Verse 3: The core problem is that Adam sinned/ and since then to
now its 8 out of 10/ women and
men and children who struggle with depression/ especially house wives and preachers they’re
people who struggle with depression/ I write this song for that introverted/ insecure person that’s
training his thoughts into thinki
ng he’s worthless/ God made you/ God can save you/ in everything
you can give Him worship/ you’re not worthless/ Lord I pray for the mentally ill/ that in your
ministry you mentally heal/ those who suffer with it/ if not now then you eventually will heal y
children that are mentally ill/ for now they suffer with it/ give us the strength just deal with your
will/ because we sinners and we wrestle with it/ just like Job did it/ I write this song for those who
were sexually abused/ lookin’ for weaponry to u
se seek Jesus


Give Us The Truth, part 2

Verse 1: After the Platinum Souls Tour I did with Crossmovement/ I said my good byes cause I
had to fly back St. Louis/ I left the tour early for my first semester in school/ I was exposed to so
much truth th
at I had to chose/ between what I had learned and what I was taught to do/ at my
church home my zone I was so confused/ that first Sunday morning back it was like cultural
shock/ watching the shepherd and sheep explode like a soda pop/ that had been shaken

shaken over these shiesty sermons/ people spitin’ and shoutin’ but nobody’s discernin’/ I left the
building my feelings were crushed I felt forsaken/ the one place I was suppose to come for
restoration/ and worship of a Holy God and exalt Him in prai
ses/ spent the whole prayer time
rebuking at Satan/ spent the whole sermon time just talking about money/ while I was dying
inside and spiritually hungry

Hook: Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone properly teach/ if we gone seek and we
gone p
roperly reach/ Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone carry our cross/ if we
gone effectively disciple the lost/ Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone walk up on
holiness and boldness and meek and lowliness/ Give us the Truth/ That’s

what we need in this
race we running proper lessons as we wait for His 2nd coming

Verse 2: I left the crib moved into the dorms/ so depressed that I ventured in porn/ it was a crazy
thing/I felt a disconnect from Jesus’ arms so I ceased to write these rhy
thms and poems/ to
disobey the King/ I told my teachers that I was living in sin/ and my Bible I’d never read it again/
and threw it in the closet/ and anything that had to do with God Marcus T. he was doing the
opposite/ as a lifestyle/ I called Phanatik
and Tonic on the cell/ and said from ministry that I was
gonna chill/ cause I was in no position/ to minister to anybody at all cause I wasn’t sure if I was a
Christian/ at that moment dawg I started skippin’ classes/ hangin’ with the masses/ and my days
ere black and gray like cigarette ashes/ all I know is that I wanted to die/ but suicide meant
meeting the God that I thought forsook me


Verse 3: But it was obvious/ God in His providence/ put me with people to guide me and got me
out of this/ during
a chapel service a cat name Paul Washer/ preach the gospel and drove me
onto the Lord’s altar/ and I confess my sin/ and He pressed reset again/ I started over/ and felt
like a soldier for Jehovah/ I called my old pastor and apologized for how I behaved/ b
ut as of that
day we agreed to go our separate ways/ met this girl named Beth who told me about her church
home/ first I’d visit/ became a member/ and then it was on/ then the pastor gave me a stack of
books/ now I’m back with raps and hooks/ took a summer

and spent 300 dollars/ on tapes and
books and learned from these Biblical scholars/ now I’m back and I’m walking in light livin’ my life
glorifying Jesus the Christ


The Godhead

Verse 1: God eternally exists/ as being three in His personages/ Father
, Son, and Holy Spirit and
each person is/ fully God and there is only one God who subsists/ so chew on this/ cause this is
meat and I’m certain of this/ His prerogative could have been to conceal Himself/ but we serve a
God who has chose to reveal Himself
/ to be certain of who we servin’ let’s search the text/
because it’s urgent that we worship Him for who He is/ the topic of the Trinity should evoke some
emotion/ for those who are chosen/ and also for those who oppose it/ examine close He’s
distinctive i
n His entities/ that’s why we contend for the Trinity in serenity/ we have no Christianity
if God is not triune/ in that case we are were saved by whom/ then creation was made by whom/
then redemption was made by whom/ the consummation will take place by w

Hook: Pastor Joe speaking/T
Y/ It’s the trinity/ it’s the trinity/ oh blessed trinity

Verse 2: If we could peer in the past and see a system called dynamic monarchianism/ another
system modalistic monarchianism/ before the session we gone fo
cus on one of the isms/
modalistic monarchianism/ get to the core or the center where the belly is/ popularized by a guy
named Sabellius/ trying to fight for the position of monotheism/ traditionally held by Jewish in they
religion/ and that’s true but he
started trippin’ in his position/ and said that God manifested
Himself in different/ modes at different times this is real twisted/ that’s why a bishop named
Athanasisus had resided/ in a meeting in Nicea in 325/ A.D. where they debated was Jesus God/
if He was, was He the Father the first time/ Jesus the second/ and Holy Spirit the third time/
while affirmed that the Father is God/ that the Son is God/ and the Holy Spirit is God/ good that
ain’t gone solve it/ cause the problem is this/ it’s the simult
aneousness/ that he denied

Verse 3: Modalism is back and its now packaged as Oneness Pentecostalism/ and its growing in
numbers now like the cost of living/ and when they hear this I’ll be labeled a Pharisee/ but the
Assemblies of God already labeled it he
resy/ in the 20th century when it first emerged/ and ever
since its birth its been hurting the church/ in conclusion a myriad of questions I ask/ cause its
confusing and steering away at the masses/ I pose to you question number 1/ you mean to tell
me that

the Father is the Son/ well who was He praying to in the garden of Gethsemane/ I guess
you’ll say He was prayin’ to His deity/ so you sayin’ that His human side/ is prayin’ to His divine
side/ that is Father/ In that case then there are two beings/ in the

person of Christ is that what you
are seeing/ no that’s not the scriptures that’s confusion/ and it takes stabs at the hypostatic union/
and that’s that the one Jesus/ is 100% man and 100% God/ not 100% Father and 100% Son

Let's Go

Verse 1: Man our sin
is disgusting to God/ He looks and hates our lust and our pride/ we’re
corrupted inside/ the road to destruction is wide/ trust me I know/ I held yay while clutching a 4/ in
a rush just to blow/ I just hustle and flow/ so I know the street life’s attractiv
e/ know the price of
your tactics/ cause Christ comin’ back and there won’t be know lights camera action/ the fact is
your going in circles like backspins/ from sin you’re trapped in you don’t see it’s ugly like cracked
skin/ my passion’s/ you see the pain

of His lashes/ and get with the Rock more solid than Dame
Dash is/ for Christ we’re mashing/life’s everlasting/ picked up our cross and we carry it on our
backs then/ so just consider us witnesses of the truth/ presenting the gospel message we’re

in the booth/ so if you really want your stressin’ relieved/ have faith like George Michael
man confess and believe

Verse 2: Lend us yo’ ear yo’ this situations like do or die /Hush, shut
up, callete, say “no se” no
way you know I /Gots 2 Go Get ‘Em I sic
k ‘em with my mouth open wide /From the front to the
back from side to side we gon’ evangelize /We tellin’ stories ‘bout the Truth therefore this ain’t no
lie /We so fresh so clean we purified ain’t no compromise /Whether you like it or not / We on yo’
ck on ya block /We in yo’ hood in ya hood / Even if yo’ block is hot /WHOAAAH! UH OH! They
gettin’ frust
ated /I don’t think they get it let’s bring it to ‘em like them Laymen state it /Confess,
Repent, Believe J
S can’t be faded /Get to hell don’
t see us heaven was ya home now ya
homeless man you ain’t make it /Now you wanna come back and tell us, I prayed you woulda felt
us /Radio wouldn’t play us TV wouldn’t show us and them record stores wouldn’t sell us /They
hated every time we mentioned / Th
ey ain’t want you to listen /Church Boys Church Girls let’s
mount up now what ‘omie lets Go Get ‘Em

Verse 3: These cats like Samuel L./ Jackson they actin’ swell/ Jesus is comin’ back and your
access granted can fail/ these bodies are but a shell/ my budd
ies that body build/ these bodies
return to the dust that’s why the body builds/ mean the body of Christ who know that the Lord’s
real/ our hearts spill like Paul’s did at Mars Hill/ at Areopagus/ dirty it’s very obvious your life is
opposite let Him trans
form you like Optimist Prime/ sometimes I feel like I’m talkin’ to walls/ when
you resist like when walkin’ a dog when I’m barkin’ at ya’ll/ men are drownin’ in sin and we need a
lifeguard/ life’s hard/ Christ saw what you do with the light’s off/ your in
danger like red dots on
your chest/ and God’s wrath you can’t block with a vest/ so you should stop and confess/ your sin
you need a lawyer now your court cases/ ain’t got nothin’ on God’s judgment before grace is/
given homie

Racial Diversity

Verse 1: L
et us remove any muzzle that’s been keepin’ us quiet/ from speakin’ about
Jesus’ died for a colorful bride/ He purchased a people from every nation tongue and
tribe/ read the wordsin Revelations chapter 5 verse 9/ and you will see/ God’s pursuit for

diversity/ and harmony at an infinite cost the emergency is/ for His people to that
the urgency is/ for us/ to put much/ emphasis on diversity plus/ and it’s hurtin’ me cause/
that it’s certainly us/ who ignore the purpose of Him dispersin’ His blood/ at
the center of
the crucifixion/ though it’s cruel and it’s sickening/ we can see that God He has proved
His intentions to us/ to be unified as kings and priests/ but since Jesus died seems like
these things done ceased/ Sunday mornin’ see us separate/ early

we awake/ to worship
our God and go our separate ways/ why?

Hook: Let us be one in you/ the way you want us to/ multicultural as we walk together in
love for the world to see (repeat)

Verse 2: Ask John Newton the same dude who used to trade them slaves/
was changed
and wrote Amazing Grace/ an ex
racist/ he must of recognized that blacks like whites like
Asians/ cause of Christ even have secure places/ let us pray this/ because a kingdom
divided against itself will not stand in its places/ let us pray to b
e free from hostility/ from
prejudiceness mistreatin’ to peace and tranquility/ plus no more racist jokes no more
suspicions/ no more disgust or ridicule among Christians/ don’t call it black church/ don’t
call it white church/ cause when we look in the sc
riptures we see it’s Christ church


Verse 3: Let us be concerned that we lovin’ the way we see Jesus lovin’/ every ethnicity
and every color/ cause this is God’s will/ can we hang out together outside of the church
settin’?/ here on earth can we have a

dress rehearsal for heaven/ that would be excellent
just to see us worship together/ and hangin’ out as we learn about each others’ endeavors/
I know it sounds scary comin’ out your comfort zone/ but that’s the way its gone be when
Jesus come takes us hom
e/ so let us prepare an intentional plan and a way/ and come
together and stop stayin’ away from each other/ my sister my brother no matter your
color I love ya/ let’s be like Jesus and start prayin’ for each other


To My Heart

Verse 1: I thought I c
ould trust you/ but dawg I’m disgusted/ I thought you were
innocent/ til I read the 5

verse in the 6

chapter of Genesis/ since its been nothin’ but
inconsistency in my life/ I hate you I wish I can take you and break you tonight/ because
I’m tired of y
our suggestions/ I’m tired of all your reflections/ I’m tired of you sayin’ sex
is the best way to ease pain/ insinuating I should sin in a situation you similar to Satan
ever since Eve came/ and Adam sinned now within I enter a battlefield/ injured filled

with sin and I’m bound to bust like a bladder will/ why do you torture me/ often caught
up in forgery/ signing my name on sins that I knew I shouldn’t have committed/ feel like
I’m losin’ I’m choosin’ all of the foolishness/ disturbing my peace like yo
u ludicrous/
feel like forget it/ but I’m a fight you because I really don’t really like you/ invite you?
I’ll never trust you again

Hook: I’ll never trust you again/ and if I ever trust you again just know its just the lust
that’s within/ its just the wre
stle within/ but when He comes to rescue His men/ you’ll
never ever sucker me in/ no never ever again/ My greatest enemy pretends to be friends/
but it’s the inner me that needs to be cleansed/ since we’ve seen the second person with
in the Trinity win/ ma
rked the day of my enemies end/ I’ll never trust you again

Verse 2: Chill with the sob story/ and give God glory/ I’m feelin’ your conviction but
what you spittin’ is really fiction/ inaccurate depiction not based on holy inscription/ so
listen to my dicti
on to get my proper description/ imagine a cave and there your mind,
emotion, and desire/ after your saved is where you’ll find devotion to Messiah/ conflicted
desires collided inside its divided but God can unite it provided you desire to fight it/ you
tin’ all surprised you got a wretchedly mind/ like you ain’t read Jeremiah 17:9/ we both
know what Adam did to us in the garden B/ your still suppose to love the Lord your God
with all of me/ I’m called a heart but see I’m not a bodily artery/ pardon me bu
t honestly
you were improperly guarding me/ cause whether it’s the T.V. or CD/ or DVD easily I’d
speedily greedily eat what you feedin’ me/ if you ain’t buildin’ me up you knockin’ me
down/ which makes your deeds come from a heart of darkness like apocalyp
se now/ the
best advice I can give you is learn about mortification/ the Lord is so patient He’ll bring
you to glorification/ you ought to respect the grace the architect the plan/ if water reflects
the face the heart reflects the man/ so to sum it up the
point I’m comin’ to Flame/ not
trustin’ me is not trustin’ you because we’re one in the same/

Verse 3: Yeah, yeah I know we one in the same/ and I know that I’m wrong for shiftin’
the blame/ but what I’m sayin’ is if you tell me to sin/ never again will I

trust you again


Break Bread

Verse 1: How you livin’ and you don’t know Christ in your life you crapped out dirty and I don’t roll
dice what’s your plans if we all goin’ die denyin’ His name you don’t know who’s flyin’ them planes
in the New York’s
sky you don’t know who’s lickin’ shots at aTyson fight and if it’s safe for you to
go back to Cali tonight man it’s God’s words I’m just being His hype man and we gotta keep it
beamin’ like only the light can I ride the block on my 10
speed bicycle I seen
so many die and
others end up in the hospital more than a little but they don’t say on the news look at your heart
naw better yet look at your shoes do they travel down the road to destruction that leads to death
and put your soul to corruption if I was yo
u I would make a U
turn on the road of life before I burn
get to know the Christ

Hook: Break bread with us/ sit down and eat/ choose your meal it’s real either milk or meat/ you
see the milk is for the simple and the meat is for the deep it’s time for the
church to talk with the
streets (repeat Hook)

Verse 2: I seen cats pop “ecs” then next lose they head like a guillotine now weigh that on the
scale of your triple beam it’s heavy ain’t it? Matter fact it’s scary ain’t it but that’s a portrait or a
that the hood painted but sin’s got the definition of good tainted but we deny the Savior
the One that could change it and would change it if we really wanted change but we really want a
chain and we really want a Range
Rover do anything but remain sober I

pray for you for when
God says game over soldier no more penalty flags on the play I read the Bible know its fina be
sad when He say “Depart from Me you worker of inquity, I knew you not” I do not know you, you
weren’t cold or hot you lukewarm throw you u
p ain’t no pimps in heaven gettin’ crunk holdin’ cups


Verse 3: It’s sorta like a C
section fam you need new procedures in your life born again to be new
with Jesus man new like them Jordy sneakers do away with the old like them big boy beepers
fam it’
s sorta like the block you on you need a spot after death you can call your own man but
remember two places to dwell one is with God in heaven one is with devils in hell fam it’s sorta
like when Pac and Biggie died you couldn’t believe it but please believ
e it man all of us are leavin’
man and ain’t nobody else can save us but Jesus can tryna tell you man that life is short a lot of
brave men are breathin’ on life support we all sinners in need of a savior God ain’t takin’ D’s in
the grade of behavior



Hook: Welcome to a place where the guns don’t pop/ but a place where the fun don’t stop/ homie/
to a place where Jesus be/ and we don’t even need a Jesus piece/ homie/ welcome/ to a place
where we follow the Bible and we don’t even need jars of d
ro/ homie /and ain’t nobody tryna grind
for shine/ cause Jesus is the star of the show/ and that’s real/

Verse 1: You ask us where the guns at homie where the weed at/ we like kill that homeboy we
don’t need that/ instead of the heat we’ll be where G
s at/ so we reachin’ out with open arms
like where your sleeves at/ I notice something cats’ll die for they reputation/ they rather die disin’
God and to get with Satan/ but on this side we collide in anticipation/ of Jesus’ second coming
written in Revela
tion/ we don’t grip steel sell crack none of that/ we live life in light of the fact He’s
coming back/ so while they squeeze clips blood crip gang banging/ east coast west coast down
south slanging/ Midwest nina poppin’seein’ Jesus hangin’/ on the cross re
surrected’ and you still
thinkin’/ that you cool without His grace is crazy/ its a slap to the face of the God who made me
and you


Verse 2: We kissed the world goodbye/ and its love for women its love for sinning/ simply
because His love is in us/ we
kissed the world goodbye/ and its music too that music’s confused
dudes like a rubrics cube/ homie /now we pluggin’ into Christian rap/ so many lyrics about Christ
a make a Christian snap/ and wanna spread love to a thug with a nine milli/ and I ain’t play
in’ this
time dirty and I’m silly/and every movie and commercial that makes fun of us/ like South Park with
wicked hearts that come up/ and comic view and Islamic dudes that do it too/ one day the Bible
say they’ll pay homage too/ the very King that they m
ocked and laughed at/ the Bible says at they
very plots He laughs back/ so we gone love our enemies and we gone have fun/ as we patiently
wait on the return of the Son/ homie

Sola Scriptura

Verse 1: Lately man its been some problems the scriptures have b
een under attack and that’s
crazy/ see God’s word is the final authority I’m sorry there’s no way you can sway can’t persuade
me/ the holy scriptures is the only sufficient certain and infallible rule for the Christian/ nothing can
be added at all so you c
an keep your revelation and religious traditions/ the
(theopneustus) its God breathed/ 2 Timothy 3:16/ because the scriptures are the only example of
God breathed revelation in possession of the church/ they form the only infallible rule of fa
ith for
and which we base the church/ let’s talk about inspiration/ God’s the author no mistaken man

Hook: Let me hear ya say yeah (yeah) REPEAT/ (S
A SCRIPTURA) REPEAT/ it’s the Bible
man B

Verse 2: People pick pick and choose/ what they wil
l and won’t use from the holy scriptures/ but
the Bible is not just a book that you can just look through and see what fits ya/ naw dawg it’s tota
scriptura/ all of scripture/ was told by John Calvin/ so if you LDS Jehovah’s Witness or if you
Roman Catholi
c/ please don’t insert your own authority in place of the scriptures that’s
backwards/ the scriptures are perfect and they are able to guide the people of God into the truth
God/ 1689 Baptist Confession is my point of reference in which I use for ya’ll/ ho
w I’m talkin’
about sola scriptura but I’m using the confession I’m confusin’ ya’ll nope!


Cross Movement

Verse 1: I’m gonna go back way back like ’99 when Christ exchanged my mind it was divine used
to rap in the world before I rapped in the church
heard gospel rap and said this could happen to
work so first thing I got rid of my cds that were secular said that if I really wanted to see Jesus I
would get rid of them replace them with these cds that were preachin’ and teachin’ promoting
Jesus took a t
rip to the Christian bookstore just to get equipped so can look more like Christ in my
listening choice didn’t know enough scripts to consider His voice so I stepped to a smaller section
even though it was small it had a broad selection of all cats spittin
’ gospel rap was blown away
dawg in the zone that day man

Verse 2: Had to have spent a hundred bucks unraveling wrappers of cds as I run to my truck
really excited and happy as I’m poppin’ them in drenched and drowning in verses full of doctrines
of men bu
t nothin’ that made me really wanna stop in my sin I was robbed my God they were
pullin’ hostages in but yet this was all I knew so as far as I was concerned everything they said
was cool but some cats I just knew wasn’t spittin’ the truth it all changed w
hen I heard this
particular group something new but I couldn’t really explain these dudes weren’t afraid of saying
Jesus’ name and at the time this was considered as taboo rappers sayin’ Jesus’ name would
make them a bad group I’m from the Midwest we like
our beats slow they rep Christ over beats
that were East coast

Verse 3: I thank the Lord and I thank J.R. the two that introduced me to CMR in the store that day
was a gorgeous day cause of that moment we are where we are today I went crazy when I put

headphones on in the store so long thought I was dead and gone matter a fact the cd was
House of Reps it turned 3D teachin’ how to rep I wanted to follow the steps of Jesus more closer
cause they gave the gospel more exposure than they did even in my chur
ch home for
righteousness I hungered and got my thirst on though cats may come across and abuse it Lord
you sparked the cross centered movement in my life you used the Cross Movement who always
sticks close to cross centered music

We Preach Christ


1: If you were dyin’ of thirst and I offered you some water to drink how hard would you think
before you fought to grab my glass but if I told you your sin stinks but said you could still drink my
water if you turn from your past and look to the present a
nd look to the Father through Jesus
Christ would you still want a sip of my water or would you die and dehydrate because of your
mind state don’t wanna just leave your sins on the altar listen I found that cats do wanna be
saved but we wanna be saved from
our consequences cause we play in our sin cause we stay in
our sin so I pray how can I convince this generation of men generation of women that we sinners
in need of a transplant in the heart I mean cause it’s dark Hakeem naw I mean would you please
tand that

Hook: We preach Christ in His fullness dawg in His fury and endless love/ Seek Him now and
know Him as Savior seek Him later you’ll know Him as Judge (repeat Hook)

Verse 2: If you were starvin’ to death and I came to your house with a meal how lo
ng would you
chill before you fought to grab my food but if I told you your sin stinks but said you could still eat
my meat if you turn to His truths or would you starve and die would you crawl and cry cause you
really love cars and shoes or would you kill

your pride and then spill to God “my sin nature’s got
me singin’ the blues” listen I know young dudes who hate to live I know girls who know where
they rapists live and they hate this life and won’t take to Christ so they keep tryin’ to escape with
this is real that’s why I preach with passion cause my cousins Nick, Dennis, and Galisha is
askin’ “Am I weak if I don’t run the streets and look neat in my sneaks and expensive fashion?”


Verse 3: If you were born in sin and the Father sent His belov
ed Son would you surrender to Him
or would you stay on the run or would you stick with your block listenin’ to the rock speak slop just
to chief with your duns listen your whole life is like a walkin’ abortion you ain’t even had a chance
to live I got fam
man This’l and J
son if not me listen to my mans and nem we certified teachin’
people who ain’t scared of God call us evangelists until we die preachin’ that Jesus is God please
listen to our stanzas kid yo